Vietnam to Burma

Viet Nam to Burma

I' ve picked a few places, but I' m undecided whether to go to Burma or Vietnam. This tour is certainly an excellent choice for those who want to see the best of Southeast Asia in a short time. Myanmar and Vietnam - Myanmar - Vietnam. Will Burma be a useful ally in the fight against China? While I know that Santa Maria is mentioned for arrangements in Burma, they also work in Laos or Vietnam.

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I' m going to go to Southeast Asia in November. I' ve chosen a few places, but I' m not sure if I should go to Burma or Vietnam. I' ve been told that Vientam in Southeast Asia is far above everything else, but I've seen images of places in Vietnam and Burma on Google Earth, and those in Burma seem much more dramatic.

So I wondered if anyone would be able to tell me which place to go to and which places are most interesting in both. After being in Vietnam 11 years ago and Myanmar a few years ago, I have to say that Myanmar was my favorite.

Peregine and I did a trip that included Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake (and some smaller places). Also Halong Bay, Hue and Hoi An in Vietnam are noteworth a look and Hanoi has the old quaintness of France, but I wasn't too much struck by some of the other places we have been.

I' ve only been to Burma twice, no trouble. All you need to find out is how simple it is to get a Burmese entry permit.... Vietnam is simple and much safer. I would go to Vietnam, get to know Southeast Asia and then, if you like, go to Burma for your next one.

To get a Myanmar visas was as simple for me as to get a Vietnam visas. Many many travelers are boycotting Burma because of the brutality of the brutality of the Burmese population. Vietnam, on the other side, provides unscrupulous travelling in a breathtaking and diverse land. I' ve been there for six long and not long enough this year - I have fallen completely in Love with the land and its peoples and if I have to decide, I have to say that I will take Burma with me on my first journey.

This second voyage may take longer to reach Indochina from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Yes, it is a violent regime, but if those who do not attend and convince themselves of the circumstances in which they are living, then the general will get away with their oppression. There were some beautiful folks I saw, many astonishing places of interest and I got away with a better sense of purpose and a clear conscience.

In your opinion, which places or towns in both countries are particularly interesting?

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