Vietnam Laos Myanmar

Viet Nam Laos Myanmar

Viet Nam's famous Halong Bay and trek under the rice fields in Myanmar (Burma). Discover the hidden charm of Vietnam, Cambodia's greatest history, beautiful Laos and the golden land of Myanmar (Burma). Viet Nam's famous Halong Bay and trek under the rice fields in Myanmar (Burma). Are you planning a trip to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar? Vietnam, Laos &

Myanmar on a Shoestring.

Vietnam, Laos & Myanmar on a shootstring

We don't have timefor an expansive quest. Recreational on the gold shores along Vietnam's sun-drenched coastline, drive through the famous Halong Bay and hike between the paddy fields of Myanmar (Burma).

Arrival possible at any moment. Welcome--to-Ho Chi Minh Town. Formerly the capitol of South Vietnam, this vast megacity is now the trading center of the state. Unwind, soak up the excitement and adapt to the frantic speed and damp temperatures of Ho Chi Minh Town. Experience the power of Vietnam's largest town on an orienteering tour under the guidance of CEOs and keep investigating in your free timeframe.

Arrival in Nha Trang in the mornings with lots of free and easy access to exploring the city' s stores and market, relaxing on the beaches or visiting the historic city. Optionally, Nha Trang offers a snorkeling cruise to the near estates or maybe a funny all-day snorkeling outing. Recreation in Nha Trang.

Orient yourself during an orienteering stroll before free leisure activities in the afternoons. Choose a cookery course, ride your bike to the beaches, go to a dressmaker or discover the old city. Watch a pasta making demo and a dinner at the Oodles of Noodles Project sponsored by G Adventures. Later you can take a cookery lesson, go to the beaches by bike, see a dressmaker or discover the old city in peace and quiet.

Drive further on to the town of Hue. Explore the Royal Citadel and graves, take a perfume river tour or motorcycle ride through the area. Recreation in Hue. Halong Bay for a midday shellfish and cavern trip. Arrival in the early mornings in Hanoi, the Vietnamese capitol.

Meet Hanoi on a tour of the old town. Expend your free day discovering Hanoi. The group will take a brief plane to the capitol of Laos. Visiting the temple, seeing the gold Stupa of That Luang, or roaming the market. Discover Hanoi in the mornings before an evening trip to Vientiane, the capitol of Laos.

Visiting Laos's most important statue, Phat That Luang, or winding along the powdery shore paths to find towns full of welcoming kids, hounds and cows. It is worth visiting the lively, colorful Vientiane Morgenmarkt (which is open all afternoon by the way!) to find many souvenirs. The Mekong River is the perfect place to end the rest of the year.

Experience the wonderful karst limestones around Vang Vieng. Leisure for hiking, cycling, swimming or cave walking. Leisure to discover Vang Vieng. Cycle through some of the caverns or take a refreshing stroll. Cycle through some of the caverns or take a refreshing stroll.

From Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang this mornig. Orient yourself with a CEO-guided orienteering tour. Experience the charity to the Buddha priests and attend the evening fair. Choose a cookery course, a temple tour or a cooling off at the Kuang Si waterfalls. One of your afternoons you can choose to go up with the rising out of the sky and observe one of the most important worship rites in Laos.

We will return to our boats this mornings, continuing our pleasant trip on the riverbank before reaching the Laos-Thai frontier in the evening for Chiang Khong. Visiting Doi Suthep Tempel, capturing a Thai fight or getting a good deal at the renowned evening open. We leave Chiang Khong after lunch and head to Chiang Mai, where you have the afternoons off to discover this charming town, once the kingdom's capitol.

Have a free time to discover. Visiting Doi Suthep Tempel, capturing a Thai fight or getting a good deal at the renowned evening open. After crossing the Myanmar (Burma) frontier, head to Kengtung, an ethnic city in the interior of the country. Include a hike through paddy fields along a landscape crossed by different mountain tribes.

Choose to indulge in the vibrant Kyaing Tong Market with a free forenoon. Spend some free lazy days exploring the area. Come early in the mornings to the antique site of Bagan for a Dawn Tours. Spend the remainder of the afternoon enjoying your free hours. Take a free afternoon to see the surrounding towns or continue exploring the wreck.

Have an inclusive breakfasts in Sanon, a G Adventures sponsored eatery and a cooking group. Afterwards you drive to Mandalay and spend your free atmoshere. Scale Mandalay Hill or go to the Golden Monastery. Have a free night before getting on a night coach to Yangon. Visiting the antique Mandalay temple, visiting the near king lyceum Amarapura or crossing the longest wooden bridges in the word.

Take an orienteering stroll in the country's biggest town, and head to the unbelievable Shwedagon Pagoda. Take a free afternoon in the former capitol of the state. Have a last evening with the group in the nation's capitol. Departure possible at any moment.

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