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After your arrival at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi you will be picked up by a local Asiana Travel guide and brought to your hotel for check-in. Th in Ho Chi Minh City: It' an excellent hotel offering the best of modern oriental hospitality. Yanshin Road, Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar. The hotels selected by us are on Tripadvisor Top-Ranking and guarantee satisfaction!

Viet Nam property giants open five-star hotel in Myanmar

Situated in the Group's Myanmar Center, about eight kilometres from Yangon city centre, on Kaba Aye Pagoda Road in the Bahan township. The Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) Group is one of the premier property developers in Vietnam, focusing on the construction of housing and business properties in many major business centres such as Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City.

It expands on a regional basis with property in Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. The Myanmar Center is a contemporary architectonic complex of office, commercial and commercial space, housing complexes and a five-star hotel with a combined budget of 440 million US dollars, said Vo Truong Son, CEO of the HAGL Group, at the opening celebration.

There are two stages to the development, the first consisting of two Class A offices, a sales platform and a five-star hotel, while the second is made up of two more Class A offices and five townhouses. The MeliĆ” Yangon five-star hotel, which opened on Sunday, is run by the hotel group MeliĆ” Hotels International, one of the biggest hotel and resort managers in Spain, and has 430 guest rooms and a 2,000 sq. m. large meeting area.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam of Vietnam and high-ranking civil servants from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia also participated in the opening celebrations. Myanmar Minister of Hotels and Tourism Aung said that HAGL's Myanmar Center is currently the biggest international property development in Myanmar. How we on Facebook or join us on Twitter to get the latest Vietnam related newscasts!


After your arriving at Noi Bai in Hanoi you will be collected by a Asiana Travel representative and taken to your hotel for check-in. Accommodation in a hotel in Hanoi. Begin the trip at the historical Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (closed on Mondays and Fridays and from 10 September to 10 December for reembalming); an impressive memorial of stone and stone containing the surviving Uncle Ho's bodys.

Just a brief stroll from the tomb is the single-column pagoda, which rests on a column of rock rising from the sea and is formed like a lily on its stem. Then head to the Temple of Literature, the first university for the Mandarin children, to get an insight into Hanoi's civilization and old Viennese architechtur.

A 30-minute-walk from the city, the quiet Ethnological Museum (closed on Monday) provides an opportunity to get to know Vietnam's 0504 people. The Hoan Kiem Lake and the Ngoc Son Temple are worth a trip and you can cycle through the old city. Before returning to your hotel, you' ll be able to watch the typical Viet Nam water puppet show.

In the mornings departure to Halong Bay, we drive through the picturesque landscape. Wonderful Halong Bay is really one of Vietnam's most spectacular attractions. On the way we drop anchor for a cozy bath in a remote bay and a pleasant stay in one of the many caves under the high crags.

Sleep on the Junk Cruise. Before disembarkation we will meet you at the jetty after lunch and take you back to Hanoi. On the way, you' ll be able to see the ceramics and potters town of Dong Trieu. Then to the airfield for a 7 pm to 9 pm airplane ride to Ho Chi Minh town. Collection on your return and transportation to your hotel for check-in.

Accommodation in hotel in Ho Chi Minh town. You will be picked up by the hotel in the mornings and today you will see all the interesting sights in Ho Chi Minh town. The first stop is the catholic cathedral of Notre Dame and a brief stop at the French post office in the vicinity, and then we continue to the reunification palace, the former presidential palace ruled by the US administration of the Republic of Vietnam.

Sightseeing of the museum and subsequent tour of the War Remnants Museum, which contains mainly works from the US War. After lunch we head to Cu Chi County, 50 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh town, the Cu Chi Tunnel is a huge net of subterranean tunnel that is part of a much wider net of underlays.

During the Vietnam War, the Cu-Chi Tunnel was the scene of several armed conflicts and in 1968 was the National Front for the liberation of South Vietnam's operational bases for the Tet offensive. On a tour through the area you will be brought back to Ho Chi Minh town.

The five hours long freshwater tour will take you through Vietnam's most prolific farming area, producing 38% of the country's total diet. Then you will go along a small channel to an air-conditioned car that will take you back to Ho Chi Minh City. You will be free after your hotel breakfasts until departure and transferred to the international airports to take the VN943 plane (11h45 - 13h25) to Yangon.

On your Arrive at Yangon International Airports. Yangon begins in the afternoons with the over 2000 year old Sule Pagoda, Mahabandoola Park with its Independence Monument and a stroll through the city centre. Then, head to the Mawtin Jetty and take a rickshaw for a brief excursion along the Yangon River.

Accommodation in Yangon. You can take a plane to Heho in the mornings. Upon your arrivals, head to Nyaung Shwe, a northern Inle Lake city. Then you will make an outing to Inle Lake (25 km), known for its singular one-legged oarsmen, characteristic swimming pools, traditional fish and villager lifestyle, and the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda with five holy and almost formless Buddha pictures distorted by the amount of laid goldenleaves.

After lunch we drive to the Phaw Khon weavers' settlement and see Nga Phe Chaung (the largest and oldest convent on Lake Inle). Accommodation in Inle Lake. Mornings you will attend one of the colourful local marketplaces around Inle Lake. In Inle Lake, the local supermarkets are not commonplace.

Accommodation in Inle Lake. At the end of your stay you will travel to Nyaung Shwe and see the over 150 year old Shwe Yan Pyay cloister. The Shwe Yan Pyay Pagoda right next to the convent should not be overlooked. Then, go to Heho and take a plane to Mandalay. Up to Mandalay Hill, a viewpoint with a panorama of the town.

In Myanmar a popular Myanmar tune said: "If you want to stay long, you have to go to Mandalay Hill". Accommodation in Mandalay. In the early hours driving to Sagaing, 21 km south-west of Mandalay. Kaunghmudaw, a huge dome-shaped pit and after a brief stop at the silversmith's shop go to Sagaing Hills, a spiritual retreat for Buddhists with many pagodas, convents and convent cloisters.

After lunch we continue to Amarapura, the "City of the Immortals". Most of the important wood buildings and convents were demolished as usual and moved to the new capitol Mandalay. Along the way you will be visiting the Bagayar Convent, where various Buddha pictures from the sixteenth to twentieth centuries can be seen.

They can also go to a libary where they kept the old books of the palms on which Buddha writings were scribbled. You can also go to a handloom home where they make silks and cottons. Accommodation in Mandalay. Depart in the mornings for the Kywezon Steg to observe the hustle and bustle on the riverbank and take a boat to the old city of Mingun (approx. 01 hours per way).

The Settawya and Buddha footprints pagodas, the giant Mingun bell, the near-by incomplete Mingun pagodas, the largest pagod in the whole wide range, and the Hsinbyume pagodas, a replica of the Meru mythology mountain. Accommodation in Yangon. The City Circle Train takes you through the countryside in the mornings and stops at a number of train stops for smoke vendors, diviners and more... then resume your tour of Yangon: the magnificent National Museum, which includes the gem-set King Insignia and the Lion Chrono of King Mindon and King Thibaw, the last remaining monarchs of the Kingdom of Myanmar.

Accommodation in Yangon. You can shop at your hotel after your hotel breakfasts until the shuttle to Yangon International Airport for your depart.

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