Vietnam Embassy in Myanmar Address

Embassy of Vietnam in Myanmar Address

Vietnam embassy in Yangon, Myanmar address: Vietnamese Embassy in Yangon, MYANMAR. The address, telephone number and e-mail address of the Vietnamese Embassy in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar). S. R. of Vietnam Embassy to the Union of Myanmar Welcome to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Myanmar.

Vietnam embassy in Yangon, Myanmar address:

Embassy of Vietnam in Myanmar

Information about the Vietnam Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar and how to obtain a Vietnam Visas from Myanmar for those applying to stay or stay here. They also teach folks who get a tourists or businesses visas to Vietnam within 36 hrs or even 2h. The Vietnam Embassy in Myanmar acts as a link between the Vietnam government and its Myanmar office mate.

This is also the place where people from Burma and Vietnam can get a Vietnam visas. Address: Please note: From Myanmar, you can obtain a Vietnam visas from the above embassy of Vietnam in Myanmar or request a visas on-line (for flights only) and have the visas validated at the airport of destination.

Viet Nam visas will be provided upon arriving to prevent the complex procedure with the Vietnamese embassy. To have the best things to do with the facility are 100% stress free processes at low facility charge and the Visa is allowed to candidates without presenting the initial passport while making a  visa request.

It takes a maximum of 48 hrs to receive a request for permission or 2 hrs if you are in a rush. To see how the entry visas work, click here. As a non-Myanmar resident, please verify if you need a Vietnam Permit and how to obtain one.

There is no need to return your initial residency card; take only a brief period of your stay to get a visas on-line; what you need is just a computer with access to the web or a smartphone; no dealings with migration counsel. There is no hiding charges or additional fees; After the visas have already been stamps on your passports before boarding the aircraft; queues in front of the Vietnam Airigration Counter at the destination airports to obtain a visas stamps; You cannot request visas but must go through an authorised Vietnam travel agent; You must separate from your initial passports; You must go to the next embassy or embassy or post or send your papers; If you have any further questions, remarks or feedbacks, please do not hesitate to do so.

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