Vietnam Embassy

Vietnamese embassy

When you do not have a fixed itinerary, consider applying for a regular entry visa at the nearest Vietnamese embassy for more flexibility. Visa and passport requirements for entry to Vietnam for Americans, British, EU citizens, Canadians and Australians. Vietnam's embassy in Moscow is the diplomatic representation of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the Russian Federation. The applications submitted in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru will be examined by the Vietnamese Embassy in New Delhi. Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Romania.

Immigration Information - Vietnam travel tips

This information is intended for travelers with a full British Citizen Pass, unless otherwise specified. It is the responsibility of the local authority in the countries or territories to which you travel to determine and enforce your immigration regulations. When you are unsure of any aspects of your immigration regulations or need further assurances, you must consult the embassy, high committee or embassy of the county or territories to which you are traveling.

It is also advisable to contact your carrier or tour operator to ensure that your pass and other documentation meets their needs. British Citizen" pass holder traveling for tourist or commercial purposes may arrive in Vietnam without a Vietnam Permit for a period not exceeding 15 consecutive nights (including immigration and departure dates) until 30 June 2021.

You must apply for a Vietnam visas if you have another form of UK citizenship, such as "British citizen (overseas)". You can obtain an e-visa on-line for up to 30 day stays before you leave. When you do not have a definite itinerary, consider getting a normal entrance visas at the next Vietnamese embassy for more flexible arrangements.

If you are staying for more than 30 nights, you will need a visas from the closest Vietnam embassy before you travel to Vietnam. When you plan to make several trips to Vietnam in a few weeks, consider obtaining a multiple-entry visas. You will need a visas or e-visa to re-enter the Vietnam within 30 working day of travel.

As of November 2015, UK citizens who are spouse or child of Viet Nam citizens may request a waiver document. Certificates are issued for 5 years and allow 6 months of repeated entry to Vietnam. Requests can be submitted to the closest Vietnam embassy or immigration office in Vietnam.

Exceeding your Viet Nam passport without a permit is a serious business and you can be postponed from the trip until a penalty is imposed. Please verify the applicability of the visas and the terms and condition thoroughly. Further information on visas is available from the Embassy of Vietnam in London. On the Cambodian and Lao border there are a number of border crossings which are only intended for Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and are therefore not open to UK citizens.

To qualify for a 15-day waiver, your ID card should be in force for at least 6 consecutive weeks on the date of your arrival in Vietnam. You may be denied access to Vietnam for stays of more than 15 nights if your identity card is issued less than one calendar year after the expiry of your Vietnamese visas.

Some of the UK citizens were denied access because their passports were tampered with. Ensure your pass is in good shape before you arrive in Vietnam. Refusal of access can lead to considerable costs and a long period of time at the Aiport. At check-in at a guesthouse, you must present your identity card so that the guesthouse can notify your attendance to the municipal cop.

Ensure that your pass is handed back and keep it in a secure place. Do not use your pass as a security for the rental of a room in a city. To verify whether you need a YTD certification, visit the National Travel Health Network and the Center's TravelHealthPro website. We accept UK Emergency Travel Document for travel, air-side transport and departure from Vietnam.

To obtain a local Vietnamese embassy or consulate prior to your trip, please check with them. When your ETD was originally obtained in Vietnam to substitute a lost/stolen pass, you will need a Vietnamese Immigration Department departure visas before leaving Vietnam. As a rule, this procedure lasts 5 workingdays.

For more information, please directly consult the Immigration Office.

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