Vietnam Airlines

Viet Nam Airlines

Flocks of drivers leave Vietnam Airlines Viet Nam Airlines flies in the region's ranking as one of the best airlines in Asia, but there are rumours of dissatisfaction among its drivers, who quit in large numbers and claim low wages and social-welfare. At an airline meeting, A350 commander and instructor Pham Tien Nga said 12 of his co-pilots had handed in their ID. Likewise last months, 16 drivers petitioned the authorities together stating that they were obliged to flee the country's airline due to low wages, poor working standards and compensation arrangements. Last year's VNA annual statement said the avarage monthly wage for its pilot was VND121 million ($5,300).

But a VNA co-pilot who wanted to remain anonimous said he only made VND50-70 million a months, and the weekly wage for a skipper was VND110-150 million. On the other hand, the two other operating airlines in the state, both low-cost airlines, are offering their drivers and co-pilots significantly higher averages.

Vietjet Air and Jetstar Pacific allow a co-pilot to make up to VND 100-120 million and VND 110-160 million per months respectively. A skipper's income increases to VND 110-160 million or VND 180-240 million per months. Underestimated payment is not the only worry of VNA drivers and co-pilots.

You are not pleased that your payment is significantly lower than that of drivers from other nations who do the same work for the domestic airlines. A VNA skipper and instructor, Nguyen Anh Tuan, said his salary is only two-thirds of what international drivers earn per mont. The other VNA co-pilot, Q, said that the company also provides better services and more personalized guidelines for international travel.

The Thanh Nien paper reports that international drivers receive two weeks' leave for six weeks' work, while Flemish drivers only have one week's leave for nine weeks' work. VNA also said that it plans the pilots' free time to work more without getting extra hours, especially in the peak season.

Also the disparities between the compensation policy of the VNA and labour law give the pilot cause for worry. Under the terms of their VNA service agreements, "highly qualified employees" must inform the company at least 120 working day in advanced if they wish to withdraw from their positions and cannot work for another carrier until the prior agreement with VNA has been canceled.

PILOT Drivers say that this is not in accordance with the Labour Code, which states that an worker may resign from an agreement with at least 45 days' written notice. No. The employer has the right to cancel the agreement. The VNA's compensation policy is another point of criticism for the drivers. Anyone who terminates their agreement early must repay their "training fees", which can go up to VND3.

PILOTES have struck such regulations as "irrational" by saying that there are no draft laws or documentation to check the real cost of aeronautical schooling. A VNA manager said the monthly wage the pilot receives is "already high," the Thanh Nien said. VNA's head bookkeeper Tran Thanh Hien said at the in-house meeting that the country's airline already spent 39 per cent of its budgets on paying its airline aviators.

Duong Tri Thanh, a VNA leader, said it was because of the high cost of Living in their home country and the "extra cost" of working here. Regarding the tuition fee drivers had to pay back in the event of early retirement, a VNA manager said the company acted in accordance with the Ministry of Transport's guidelines.

Amount to be payed depends on pilots' length of service. "A 120-day period of cancellation is required in order to have sufficient leave to find another qualified applicant for the job. A lot of people have been in our courses for a long while, but never made it," Duong said. It is not the first year that VNA drivers have taken action to express their concern.

Some of the nation's airlines' drivers also took ill leave of absence in 2015 for poor payment. TripAdvisor has made Vietnam Airlines one of the top airlines in Asia. In the Traveler's Choice Awards 2018 of the website, the company was ranked one of the 11 best large airlines in the area, collecting reviews on leg room, passenger services, cleanness, food and drink, seating comforts, value for the money, easy check-in and boating, and in-flight maintenance.

Vietnam Airlines was established in 1956 and has 93 aircraft, among them the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and the long-haul Airbus 350-900.

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