The capital and largest city of Laos, Vientiane is located on the banks of the Mekong River near the Thai border. Discover Vientiane holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Vienna lies on the northeast bank of a Mekong curve. Viangchan, the largest city and capital of Laos, lies on a plain northeast of the Mekong River. In search of great activities in Vientiane, the sleepy capital of Laos?

All about Vientiane

Vienna offers a relaxed river stop where you can have a refreshing beverage and watch the sunshine show over the Mekong. Although Vientiane is the biggest town in Laos and the centre of trade and government, it is still refreshing and relaxed.

There is a wide range of accommodations, dining and street caf├ęs that contrast pleasantly with the ancient Buddhist shrines. Vientiane is relatively easy to navigate due to its dimensions and can be visited on foot, by bicycle or with a tea-lied.

Cultural lovers should make the Laos National Museum their first stop. If you' re in Laos, do what the Laos do and decelerate the tempo. One frequent gag is that the abbreviation PDF (Peoples Democratic Republic) actually means'Please Slow Down'. Just a few words of caution to the anonymously timely, the land is resolutely relaxed and some attendees may find this a shortage of ambitions or a politeness, but regardless, it is best not to be expecting things to run like one.

Vientian Travels

Vientiane's historical old town (??????) captivates with sparkling shrines, sweeping nagas, walking buddhistic friars and a boulevard fringed with tamarinds and filipini. Meanwhile, with most of his old mansions in France, now in stylish reincarnation in small eateries and small hotel, Vientiane achieves an unparalleled degree of elegance with a pronounced Gaulish taste.

Be it spending your Vientiane holiday with a novel in an old-fashioned baker's shop, going out to the grocery stores or enjoying a beer and the hot and sunny setting over the Mekong, once you get out of this place you will miss more than you ever thought. In the mornings you will be collected from your Vientiane hotels to start your personal trip in the quiet Wat Si Saket, the only remaining sanctuary after the Siamese attack (Thais) in 1828.

One of the most gorgeous sanctuaries in the city, its airy, teak-covered corridors are full of thousand of miniature Buddha-statures. Visiting Wat Si Muang, one of the most beloved and beloved temple in Vientiane. You will have a 45 -minute ride to Buddha Park after enjoying your meal in a nearby eatery.

Upon your arriving, you will take a walk through Buddha Parc (Xieng Khuan), full of more than 200 Buddhist and Hindu figures. Its quiet location on the Mekong River contrasts with the slightly excentric statuettes created by a Laotian seaman in 1958. Beautifully situated in a quiet garden, the stone carvings are fascinating and unforgettable.

On your way back to Vientiane, you will visit the Lao disable women's development centre, whose aim is to provide handicapped girls with the necessary expertise and abilities to become independent and prolific members of the group. Finish your all-day trip through the city on the bank of the Mekong River when the light goes down.

Walk along the riverbank, try a cool beverage or a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants before being brought back to your accommodation.

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