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ideo of Myanmar

To see the latest videos, follow us on twitterFollow @EconomicTimes. Pages in category "Video games in Myanmar". Mr Kristof travels to Myanmar, where Muslims live in camps or in their own villages without work, schools and doctors. The Bangladesh government is continuing food aid to the community that has fled Myanmar because of the violence. The Myanmar Economic Monitor takes advantage of investment opportunities.

The Myanmar Princess of Beauty'dethroned about Rohingya Video'.

One of Burma's most beautiful queens has said she was robbed of her crown because of a video about the continuing violent events in Rakhine state. Lastwe Eain Si had put the video on line and accused Rohingya fighters of continuing the riots. A 19-year-old woman losing her Miss Grand Myanmar crown in the last few business hours after the firm she had toppled her.

However, the video was refused by the corporation because it violated the terms of the agreement. On Sunday, the corporation, Hello Madam Media Group, reported that Shwe Eain Si was robbed of her stock because she was not acting like a paragon. Tuesday, the beautyscene connected her enthronement with her videolip.

"Yes, Shwe Eain Si made a video about the Arsa fighters' rule of horror in Rakhine state, but that was hardly qualifying as a neglect to present a proper picture of a candidate," it says in a Facebook page explaining the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army.

She was runner-up at the Miss Universe Myanmar contest, which was organized by Hello Madam last year and won the Miss Grand Myanmar award, and was to be representing her nation at the Miss Grand International contest later this year. Last weeks video graphics published on her Facebook page, the beautyseen says that Arsa's "caliphate-style" assaults were "disproportionate".

Shwe Eain Si reproaches the fighters and their followers for running a press offensive "so that the forerunners of terrorism and force themselves[now] pretend to be the oppressed". Your video does not mentions the claims that the Myanmar army has committed mass horrors against the Rohingya Muslim population.

It has been said by the armed forces, which are charged with carrying out ethnical cleansings, that they are only for warriors. Recent outbreaks of force in Rhakhine began on 25 August, when Arsa fighters assaulted guard post and triggered war. It also affects village dwellers in rural areas and other minority groups such as the Hindus.

This is not the first Shwe Eain Si competition to get into difficulties in recent month. She was robbed of her royal title in September 2017 after it turned out that she had contributed to last year's attempted putsch.

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