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and shares many cultural ties. In the meantime, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Myanmar. YouTube has released a video of Aung San Suu Kyi's appearance on USF. Myanmar because they have official secrets. Myanmar Hot is an entertainment blog about current myanmar sexy girls, models, celebrities, actresses and other hot news.

Crudeingya fighters slaughtered Hindus in Myanmar, confirmed amnesty | The Economic Times Video

Don't miss good news! Amnesty International said on Tuesday in a surprising affirmation that Rohingya fighters have committed massacre of Hindus in Myanmar. The Amnesty said that the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) murdered up to 99 Hindusty men, woman and child in at least one or two slaughter.

The Rohingya militant denies the slaughter of Hindus in Myanmar

On Friday, a group of Rohingya militants rejected charges that they had butchered Hindu civilists in the midst of last year's outbreak of violent repression in which Myanmar's army expelled some 700,000 Rohingya from the area. Amnesty International, a humanitarian group in London, published a statement early this weeks that its investigation supports the Myanmar military's claims that the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army murdered tens of Hindus during the radical change in the west of Myanmar.

Hindu and Muslim minority.....

A new video MIV Myanmar is launching a new video on integrative practice

In Myanmar, this 5-minute video (with English and Myanmar subtitles) shows some promising moves being made in Myanmar to create integrative education, recreation and work possibilities for disabled people. See the video on YouTube! Photo: Zin Mar Aye from Ye Kyi Township (Ayeyawady region, Myanmar), who has a natural state, can be seen here making trellis caps that are on sale on the town.

This video titled "Include Us!" is complemented by a review of how the Making It Work method supports the collection and description of good practice in the integration of disabled populations in Myanmar. A participative and advisory peer review and video consultation was conducted with Myanmar's DPO and NGOs to choose the case histories for the Myanmar Disability Assessment and Video, which gives Myanmar's disabled populations a vote and the chance to tell their story.

United Nations calls back top officials in Myanmar, Canada's Renata Lok-Dessallien

While Rohingya Muslims are still fleeing the Myanmar conflict, the United Nations said they were calling back their highest officer in the midst of the controversies over their deeds, Renata Lok-Dessallien, a native of Canada. Talking to the UK press, Lok-Dessallien, the United Nations Myanmar-based human rights coordinator, has charged with dispiriting domestic debate and activity over the human rights situation in the country's Rakhine state.

Over 500,000 Rohingya have escaped the area and most of them have taken shelter in neighboring Bangladesh. Recent violent events in Rakhine state began in August when an insurgency group of Rohingya started fatal assaults on Myanmar's police stations, triggering a quick and fatal reaction by the Myanmar army. The escapees from the force said that the safety guards and the buddhistic mob attacked the Rohingya at will.

Myanmar's administration has said that the Rohingya have burned their own houses, but the UN has described the brutality as racial cleanup. The BBC and The Guardian have informed Myanmar that the UN name, cited by Lok-Dessallien, has tried to avoid the human rights situation in the state of Rakhine.

Lok-Dessallien and the UN squad have been charged with isolation of employees who try to raise the Rohingya case at high-level talks. There is no evidence of the accusations against Lok-Dessallien, and just two months ago the UN Secretary-General said that he had full faith in Lok-Dessallien. A UN declaration also advocated her approach to the Rohingya question and said that her leaving was part of a follow-up to her.

Originally, the UN had said that Lok-Dessallien would be ousted from its Myanmar location in August for any reason beyond its control. A United Nations representative for the Inner City Press in New York City, Matthew Russell Lee, said Lok-Dessallien and several other UN agents in Myanmar were charged with getting too near the Myanmar administration and not tackling the human rights crises.

United Nations has not promised a substitute for Lok-Dessallien and it is not clear what will come of this item, Lee said to CTV's Your Moorning on Thursday. He added that, given the achievements of the United Nations mission in Myanmar to date, the UN is not the right organisation to tackle the Rohingya war.

Prior to her work in Myanmar, Lok-Dessallien represented the UN in China and occupied various posts in Bangladesh, Bhutan and Mali, among others.

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