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Myanmar Music Video 12

Ah Moon's video was shared by Myanmar Music Collection. - April 12th at 2:21 a.m. -. Unrestricted free access to all your favorite music on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

A video interview with Darko C from Rangoon about the relaxation of censorship control over media and art, produced by Voice of America on January 12, 2012. CD audio (12 February 2008); number of discs: 1; label:

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The best music videos from 2018 (so far)

Had you explained a decade ago that music video would be the most favorite on YouTube, you would be softly maneuvering back to your room, getting your medication and being asked to continue your design work. You'd always be feeling better when your hand is busy. It' s 2018, and music video always offers more view than any other "viral" hits, with the 10 most watched all 2 billion and Psy trailing Wiz Khalifa and Luis Fonsi in the quest for the most loved YouTube video of all time.

In the following video you can see the best collaboration between artist and director, a schedule that we will be updating year-round. Find out here about the best music video of 2017. For the music? "Cool " "Ironic" "Good" "Clever" "Funny" "Talented, except when it comes solely to his skill at manipulating the sounds of a guitar" "Creative" Continue with your regular planned music use.

Not witty or smart enough to take anything out of it, JT's tracks become badly comic in this crazy video, which is like the artist playing and declaring a wit that isn't witty, but which he still explains over and over again.

Anyway, an early candidate for the best video of the year. Hearing music on your iPod in a film doesn't make you good at making music in reality, because the video for "Supernova" shows itself in a crawling state. Melody Prochet seems to have recuperated from a "serious accident" and gives the new Melody`s Echo Chamber song a touch of retro-animation pleasure that is a welcome relieve for many of the terrible human portrait scenes from the music video from the beginning of 2018.

There' s a long way to go in this poppy video that adopts a straightforward approach and performs well. A lot of modern music video use contrast backgrounds; animations are currently common; almost every other video shows some kind of restrained, antichoreographed rhythm. All of this video yells "stereotypical Rape Video", except the lip-syncing and dancin' of the mothers to the sermons.

Both Kendrick and SZA have a knack for making video with eye-catching images, and this Black Panther-like song is no different, with blob blur exploding inks and galaxy-seeking backgrounds that highlight a big-budget adaption of the monster film he is filming. The latter almost automatically got an offer for Moby and A$AP Rocky to merge the heads in the cooperation that the arts community has been demanding for years.

This man is rethinking the video clip. Gabriel Alcala's work of art is worthy of appreciation, regardless of your feeling for Diplo (and ONLY Diplo), as the lively meta-animation fits the name of the group and the name of the music. Eye-catching consumerism, once the major part of the video outputs of majorstream rapp, has been declining for years, but it seems that more and more performers are openly incorporating politics and people.

Hunting money just doesn't work in a game where random hunting for money has caused all kinds of trouble we don't seem to get out of. It' not the most inventive offer you'll see this year in the music video room, but the animation of the presented celebrities, the glamour of old consumer scenes and the pure madness of Tyler, the creator, make this trip a pleasure.

Kelela, "Frontline" Why it's great: This Kelela video, like many others on this shortlist, is better in a realm. This is the kind of life you want to be in? It has been made somewhat unimportant because it is the kind of universe in which many human beings are living, whether they recognize it or not.

This is not the best way for you to get rid of your motorcycle problems. The proof of this is in this video, which is the kind of Lo-Fi, slice-of-life plan that should use more tapes when they have little to spare or both. The point is, more moves in video, as long as they don't include these angrily passionate stunt-shots.

Veteran Merge Records musicians Superchunk have been making rocking music for almost three centuries, and their sure-footedness is evident in this work led by Taiyo Kimura. If this happens, the song's track promises to be true, and you can smile before you respond to the pressing work e-mail that appears in your mailbox just as you're about to fain.

The Australian group Konfidence Man knows this better than anyone else and channels the spirits of the B-52s into the individual corporate identity of the twenty-first-century world of the world. It is a joyful journey through the history of magazines and the delusions of grandeur that glory evokes, and above all, it' s a journey into the music of Konfidence Man at full speed, thereby preventing the pitfall of self-seriousness.

Juliet Monáe, "Make Me Feel" Why it's great: Prince has dominated the music of "Make Me Feel", and the video's aesthetics are reminiscent of the 1980s, when Purple One was at its height. Above all, however, this is entertaining evidence that large budgeted majorstream music video doesn't have to be boring.

They can observe, pursue, monitor or otherwise pursue humans in a virtual way, and FAN knows the visionary scary thing about looking at someone who is there. Then there is roller-skating, which should really be included in other music-video. If you thought you'd search this music video library and find some cheerful pictures that go with cheerful popular tunes, you were wrong!

With the next message you type, let your browser set your browser to accept your cookie at the entrance while you open an in cognito box and browse the edges of the web with a misperception of anonymous. This is a cast call for - you guess it - a music video, and Tintin humour enthusiasts will see feedback from the duo's preference for the use of non-stars in comic cast.

Like most good music videos, it doesn't make the fateful error of taking oneself too seriously. Over 2,000 pictures form the breathtaking animations in this Bashton & Megalopolis video, and if you can overcome the suffocating pretence of the depiction on YouTube -- "'Scandal' is an award-winning music video that has also won several prizes for the best music video," and "Scandal is a manifesto for The City versus Man, Pop Culture, Love, and Death".

"you will find that it is indeed a very good music video. There' is none, but the video "Los Angeles" by Peach Kelli Pop gets to the point. But then you notice that he's just lonesome and depressed, and then you notice that he has no tool to help the whole thing, hence the desperation.

It' an exhilarating year for music video, as you will see in the coming choices. Instead, she makes video clips that include an unbelievably sophisticated way of nailing and a hoodie that lets you scrutinize the essence of your world.

" This video for "Me and Michael" features stratified and odd commentaries on culture from a group that tried not to make a sale after their ludicrously acclaimed Oracular Spectacular début LP. When MGMT has got the music industry deities to give them a smashing of hits, they are overwhelmed with all the sexual, drug and shirt skirt they can buy - until it turns out that they have torn down their hits from Tru Faith, a very beloved Philippine group ( "true!") who actually penned the number.

For MGMT did not know that "things on the web are bad", and it is difficult to accuse them, because nobody wants most things that are on the web, although some of the stick style designs emphasized in this video makes it clear to you how far we have got in the area of users' experiences on the web.

Have a look at the video. Super Organism, "Reflections on the Canvas" Why it's great: Super Organism is by no means the only musician who uses video to portray the modern hells of the web, but they are among the best. Just like the video for "Everybody Wants to Be Famous", this video, shot by Robert Strange, gives the digital event an analogue reworking to show what a bad dream the web has become.

Super Organism, "Everybody Wants to Be Famous" Why it's great: Yes, a second super organism video. Obviously, the blinking images are not what makes this video great, but if early signs are an indicator, it seems that music video should probably cause more light-sensitive epileptic alerts in 2018. Superborganismýs video for "Everybody Wants to Be Famous" pampers the viewer with a shocking vivid audio on the way to a complete sell-out, with advertising for a seafood-flavoured limo that takes over a disconcerting YouTube looking site, where most folks will see the video.

Children, watch out: the stamps come for your own label when you become known. Donald Glover's video, which confronts self-confident, cheerful music video trophies with undecorated murders, is shocking; the only thing more distressing than the US realities he portrays is the fact that they have to be reformulated over and over again, apparently without success.

The rage about the publication of this video has subsided under the banner of the time as soon as the web series has found another outcry that only pounded the unsettling natures of smiles on Glover's face as he switched between dancers and shooters.

It is like Anti-ASMR - hard to hear, distorting in shape and contents - and the video follows. It can be your real face, or the face you present to the rest of the worid that you need to buy in a free enterprise. Get more music video vibrations!

Low ", according to the painter, is about the empty sensation I had when I "fuck and fuck people" all the time, and it's not simple to look through this video all the way and think better for the present, considering how important industrialised culture has the pre-eminence of sensuous experiences and the replacement of mankind' contacts with it.

Sound can only be comfort for the mind, which is important, but it is also important to have safe shelter. Youht, "Hard World" Why it's great: Capturing the myth of Sunset Boulevard's revolving Happy Foot/Sad Foot shield, this video is said to indicate what kind of tag you'll have according to which side you see, transforming it into a nightmare of hell that is fashion.

Do you notice a tendency in these video clips? It' almost as if folks are feeling more estranged and unconnected than ever before, and just when you think Sad Foot is going to turn this video into an excercise in a ruthless mental state, you find a minute of recklessness.

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