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Myanmar Hot Video

The first short film for our website, shot in Myanmar, about Myanmar. Why you should travel to and from Myanmar now! Balloon over Bagan. Serving with some hot jasmine rice and they are golden yellow. Balloons over Mayanmar's old temple town Bagan.

See Fakear's amazing video in Myanmar's old town of Bagan - Video Blog

This breathtaking video was filmed at least in part in Myanmar's old town of Bagan, known for its scenic hot-tippers hovering over temple grounds in the midst of the sunrise. There were over 10,000 Buddhist monasteries in Bagan at one point and many of them are still standing today.

This grandiose video follows a little kid in his face colored Thanaka, whose love for hot-boxes is leading him in search of a hot-boxes. It was Fakear who talked to Fader about the video that came out last year: The little kid in this video thinks hothooons are living because they move on their own."

See the video below.

Myanmar Curry Recipe & Video Workshop

Myanmarfishcurry: aromatic, healthful, simple and tasty! Tomato is boiled in a tasty gravy with spices such as lemon grass, curcuma and gingerbread, and then the seafood is boiled softly in this tasty fluid. It' a simple and tasty way to venture into Burma's kitchen! The Myanmar seafood freshly boiled bread recipes are based on a cookery book from a renowned Burma superstar in the Bay Area (see below).

It is possible to use any kind of whitefish you like, as long as the filets are not too tender or would decay in the freshly caught squid. Dice ½ TL curcuma and 3/4 teaspoon sal. Leave it sitting while you cook the remainder of the marmalade. When using a kitchen machine, mix lemon grass, cloves, ginger and chilli until it looks like a coarse pastry.

When using a grinder and sponge knife, first crush the lemon grass and chillies until the lemon grass is cut into small chunks (it is important that you first cut the lemon grass into thin slices, otherwise you will find it difficult to break it up in the mortar). Chop the chopped tomatoes, adding the cloves of cloves, spices, garlic und gingerbread and crushed into a coarse mixture.

1/8 teaspoon salted and steam for a few min until the shallot is softened. Sear the peppers and the other Teaspoon of curcuma for 15 seconds. Tomato, seafood sauces, tamarinds and mixed with the spices. Let cook covered at low temperature for about 15 min. or until the tomato disintegrates into a soup-like marmalade.

When it is not already cooked, cook the dressing, adding the seafood and mixing in the chunks so that the seafood is soaked. Let the cook covered over low to moderate temperature for 3 min, then switch off the oven and let it rest in the remaining warmth for another 7 min until the cooked one.

Verify after 7 min. that the seafood is done.

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