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Kawthaung Victoria Cliff

Kawthaung, Myanmar, Victoria Cliff Resort Discount Hotels Please consult the real estate in order to make the necessary precaution. - Delicatessen that serves breakfasts, lunches and dinners. In the case of a transfer, the guest must call the number indicated on the reservation certificate before arriving. All fees provided by this accommodation are inclusive.

Prices may differ, however, depending on the length of your holiday or room. I had a lovely time in this motel. Kawtawung is a good place for Kawtawung sight-seeing. There is a beautiful panoramic viewpoint and a luxury foyer. A free morning snack is almost Burma-style. It' tasting good.

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Victoria Cliff is situated just outside the Kawthaung city, overlooking the Mergui Island area. From Yangon to Kawthaung it is about 1.5 hours by car and from the international airports the residence is only 10 minutes by car along the water. There is no lack of amenities in the city.

There is a gym, a spas and a large area with plenty of birdsong and birdsong to make you immerse yourself in your holidays. You can use our buggy to make your journey easier. Situated like the remainder of the lodge, the dining room has views of the Mergui Archipelago and a large terrace where you can eat.

It is a mix of Thai, Myanmar and Western, but we suggest the Thai meal from which most of the dishes come. Eating can be flavorful, so make sure the waitress knows if you don't like your meal too much. Below there is an inside pub, but the outside dining room terrace is definitely the right place.

Report from Victoria Cliff Hotel and Resort, 1 Bogyoke Rd (7km northern of the city), Kawthaung

Though we only asked about the room prices, the drive to the front desk was a 20 -minute visit of the area. You can choose between comfortably furnished single cottages (white and beige) on the cliff and two- or three-room houses in the south. They all have welcoming terraces and those directed towards the ocean have a breathtaking view of the nearby isles.

Amenities including an infinite cliff swimmingpool, a fitness studio and a spas. You have a mini bus that offers a bus to the city, but you will miss the Kawthaung adventure. There was no feeling that the place was comparable to the upscale Ngapali or Ngwe Saung complex. Potential more interesting is their new Nyaung Oo Phee isle.

Pictures from the secluded isle look breathtaking, although currently only multi-day all-inclusive packs are available. Victoria Cliff currently provides boating trips to the islands and nearby towns. The room prices shown here are special introduction prices, so please review your prices over the years. Whereas we would have expected low seasons rebates, they provided 30% discount for the high seasons and no less than 50% discount for the coming high seasons.

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