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Asian Times Myanmar shows India voa Burmese from the road to the southeast. Burmese News is a free application for all users. Burma Government May Air Some VOA Programs Burma's information secretary, former general Kyaw Hsan, has approved to send Voice of America (VOA) programmes on state broadcasters, according to the director of the VOA's Burmese voice services. "Than Lwin Tun, who was visiting Rangoon and Naypyidaw in the first weeks of December, said the secretary approved of broadcasting some programmes, such as world affairs reports, UK educational, healthcare, science as well as technological programmes, on MRTV and more.

The VOA has signed deals with Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand, and Than Lwin Tun said Burma's Ministry of Information has indicated an interest in a similar deal with the VOA. "That journey was just to hear them. Well, now that they have reached a consensus, the next stage will be to implement it.

"They don't want our Burmese messages right now," he said, and added that other Burmese-speaking international channels are also trying to air inside Burma. In addition to the plans to begin retransmission through the Burma station, VOA has also obtained approval to deploy frequent correspondent inside Burma. However, the Information Secretary said that VOA can always dispatch its reporters," said Than Lwin Tun.

Lwin Tun, who was a prodemocracy college campaigner during the 1988 riots, abandoned Burma after the violent suppression of the protesters following the September 18, 1988 war. During his visit, he paid a visit to Rangoon and Burma's secluded Naypyidaw, where he saw Kyaw Hsan, Railway Minister Aung Min, Deputy House Speaker Nanda Kyaw Zwa and two policy advisers to President Thein Sein.

Kyaw Hsan described the information secretary as "reform oriented" and asked him what he thought of state papers like The New Light of Myanmar and Myanma Alin and how they could be better. "Than Lwin Tun said, "I said to him that as a newspaperman, the papers of the department are only goverment papers, not newpapers.

On the occasion of a government-sponsored democratic days, VOA journalist Khin Soe Win visited Burma in September, Kyaw Hsan said to the first VOA employee that he should come back to the Burmese nation since a civil administration was inaugurated on March 31 that foreign reporters must help with the development of Burmese music.

The VOA leader would come and speak to him, Khin Soe Win said to the ministre. It is unthinkable to me how these soldiers are justifying disproportionately large sums of riches being spent by a rich nation to devote themselves to such an opulent outfit! Anyway, they can hear the VOA or DTV without Kyaw Hsian's blessings.

First, the army buddy purchased the EU magistrate. Second, the army bat master purchases "VOA". Kie Hsan is taking a wiser move than Dr. Zarni. "reformfrequent", VOB????? When it is the truth, good for the Burmese nation, which needs to know what is going on in the outside world, instead of listening to the VOB government's messages.

has consented ", "in principle" etc., frightening - as if the land belonged to them! Oh, for God's sakes, big army dinosaur! Is Kyaw San "reform oriented"? Coming on Than Lwin Thn. Don't you think there is an infectious illness in Naypyidaw that leads the visitor back and says that the Burmese army regime (the change to civil clothes doesn't mean it's a civil government) is reformistic?

Antsphobia, Kyaw Hsan, need not claim to make the tagline of free media and free will. Now you want to capture and murder "thein sein" friars who have spoken about the oppression of the bureaucracy and who have provided space for the jubilee celebrations of winning DASSK's prestigious CPA.

The opening of the Burmese public relations system through the re-introduction of the VOA Burmese Service by Burmese Information Minister Kyaw Hsan in Naypyidaw is a move in the right directions. For Myanmar to move forward and be a part of Burma's international community, there must be openness to encourage free speech and faith without serious implications, vengeance and reprisal by the Burmese people.

Perhaps some'ants' are friendlier than others so they don't make the minister cry. It is no wonder that Sayargyi U Kyaw Htut said: "If one is lacking in Achiri and Annawtatpa (shame and anxiety to do evil), then this individual can do anything without regrets and regrets. Secretary Kyaw Hsan is live evidence that, not even in his "scream mode".

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