VenetianĀ® Las Vegas | Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas Almost twice the length of your regular Las Vegas room, The Venetian is the biggest room on the Strip. Reach out in an oversize, pillow-high royal queen-sized sofa, chat in your own lounge or drink in your oversize bath. Select a room overlooking the highlights of Las Vegas.

Enter one of our most immaculate suite and one of the most beautiful on the Strip. Every Bella Suite is approx. 700 mĀ² in area and has a bedroom and two cushion duvets in fluffy sizes. You snuggle up in a pair of Egypt cloths and have a handy keyboard to adjust your temper.

Entering the lobby of an Italien-marmor lobby, you will find yourself at home in the Rialto suite, situated at one of the most thrilling intersections of the Strip. You will enjoy fluffy fur, queen-size pillows, elegant Egypt wool sheet and a roomy walk-in wardrobe. The Piazza Suites radiate the charm, style and maximum convenience you would want from a luxurious strip holiday destination.

Perfectly equipped with a king-size berth with calming Egypt style fleece sheet and a bubble bath with a seperate glasswash. It is a really cuddly, spacious apartment with everything you need for the ideal holiday in a world-class Las Vegas Strip area. You' ll enjoy a semi-formal dinning room, a large seperate glas showers with two showers and a sitting area.

Whatever your moods, The Venetian has something for you, from the infamous dine-and-drink scenery to clever snacks and natural fruit juice to the mythical TAO Beach Days and relaxation at the Canyon Ranch Spi. Dorsey is the ideal place to stop by for a carefully brewed beverage or to spend the night with your buddies over typical drinks, splittable shells included.

There is nothing I would not give to be back in Vegas, to sit in front of the Venetian, to drink an expensive cup of coffe and not to spend four long nights sleeping and learning for a finale in Spain.

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