Vegetarian Food in Myanmar

Myanmar Vegetarian Food

The majority of restaurants serve vegetarian fried rice, fried noodles with vegetables and steamed rice with vegetables. A noodle dish served in a sweet and spicy coconut cream is another great interpretation. Many Burmese snacks are available to satisfy every vegetarian's craving. I love the fried tofu chips, which are poured over in a spicy tamarind sauce.

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As the man and I prepared to go to Myanmar early this year, I feared only the food I would find. Being a vegetarian, I expected Myanmar to be a hard place to live, and I prepared myself for tasteless lettuces and one or two pizzas where I could find them.

Though vegetarian food has always been part of Burma's food and is available in almost all restaurants, Myanmar's vegetarian approach is not easy to understand. He made sure that there was never a whiff of the seafood dressing that is the curse of vegetarian travelers in South East Asia.

With this vegetarian passport phrase, the journey through Myanmar was a pleasure. Soup Myanmar's broad range of broths extends from thin, clear soup from China cooking (used as a palatine cleanser and often drunk throughout meals) to thick, sour cream. One of the most striking is the Shan to hoo nuway, a speciality from the Shan area in eastern Myanmar.

This is a kind of vegetable that is not made from soy but from chickpeas. If it' s serving season, it is infused over a pasta stock, with roughly grinded groundnuts, fried cloves, chopped fine sage and kale and, for those who can take it, crispy chiliaste ("must" in my opinion).

Inquire about the'Tha Thai lo' variation, which comes with a layer of roughly grinded chili sauces, scallions and roasted seeds. SaladBurmese have a unique ability to turn virtually any ingredients into a delicious lettuce. Yet every lettuce has a different taste. An indisputable celebrity among them is Lahpet-Thok or ferment tea leaf lettuce.

People in Burma like it so much that they enjoy it at any time, even with food and as a snack, the crispy pieces being eaten fresh. Other must-teats are kwa yut tote ( "pennywort salad"), tyin tote ( "spicy gingerbread salad") and toohu tote, which has the chickpeas toohu in the shape of a chantarell.

There' are a wide range of vegetables currys, among them the common ones like Thai-style Thai ginger and ginger ones, Masam Man and the more uncommon ones like Thai barkleaves. Whilst these are usually accompanied by the typical accompaniment of puree, there is also a selection of roasted vegetables ice cream with spaghetti or pasta.

In Myanmar, rural cuisine is almost always warm and cool and therefore secure; just watch your step to those with the most local people who populate the city. The majority of dishes are deep-fry and savoury, very Indian: from masalas dada to sampling and hajiya, they can be found everywhere, and yes, they are regarded as Myanmar!

You can also find traders who specialize in deserts. Generally, Myanmar candy can be a little boring to India's palate as they are accustomed to the pungent sweeteness of Chardu and Jaalebe. If you are looking for a healthier outdoor food, there is the almost all-night long available in Yangon, especially in the form of our Mya oh myshae (vegetable hotpot).

Sidebar, Mahabandoola Road, ChinatownChoose your vegetables and have them freshly barbecued in a warm chili and marinated chilies. Myanmar Feel, No. 124, Pyihtaungsu Avenue Street, Dagon TownshipThe broadest selection of Myanmar food in the city; just leave the menus and show off the refreshment bar. Bogyoke Aung San Street between 46 and 47, Nang Htike, your best intro to Shan cooking in Yangon.

Moon Vegetarian Restuarant, near Ananda Pahto, with a breathtaking selection of vegetarian food, among them Tamarinden cuurry. The MoonIf The Moon is proud of the Lonely Planet referral, this boldly shows that it is highly recommendable by the tourist himself. This vegetarian cafe serves menus of vegetarian, Nepali and regional cuisine.

There Aye Myit Tar, 530 818st St. Go for the variety of regional food and for the ambience. Nighmarket, in front of Yone Gyi RoadLocals go there every night to serve streetstyle soup and morsels. The Thanakha Garden, near Paradise HotelThis small cafe is very popular with visitors and has a good choice of cuisine.

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