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I visited most of them and where not, I did a straw survey of my vegan friends. These are the best vegan restaurants NYC. Are you looking for vegetarian or vegan food? Locate the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Glasgow, Britain's most vegan-friendly city. If you are a new vegan or a vegetarian of many years, our vegan restaurant guide is full of ideas, where you can eat ethically on the main street!

Best in London as vegans recommend

We' ve asked London's most powerful vegan people to suggest their favorite vegan restaurants and cafe. There are fifteen vegan restaurants they think you should try. With four offices across London, find your next one here. That West Kensington join was on our Radars even before Vegan London was kind enough to commend it, and for goodness sakes.

Get ready to paddle out of here, especially if you decide on the lunch break; more vegan foods than you can imagine, all for 10. 222 North End Road, West Kensington, W14 09NU. The closest train stop is West Brompton. The Comptoir vegan and meat-eating products are designed to address both vegan and meat-eaters, and it's just as well to say that the meal is quite addictive.

It attracts influence from all over the globe and is characterized by typical cuisine from the Near East and Northern Africa. 12 Stations Terrace, NW10 5RU. The closest train stop is Kensal Green. Fed By Water is a contemporary ltalian speciality meal service.

The closest train is Dalston Kingsland. This is another suggestion from Secret London Headquarters, here we are the next times we feel like a sip. He is praised for his unbelievable vegan and vegetable cuisine. You have two restaurants, but the Stoke Newington is more vegan-friendly.

The closest train stop is Stoke Newington. Chelsea, SW1X0BP. The closest train stop is Sloane Square. The closest train stop is Shoreditch High Street. Bethnal Green is home to the St. Margaret's House Municipal and Charitable Centre. Begin with your breakfasts - either the vegan full English or a pile of USpancake should be good - and see how it gets better from there.

Everything here is vegan, so say good-bye to the day of the off-menu! St. Margaret's House, 21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, E2 9PL. The closest train stop is Bethnal Green. The vegan parents website Little Cafe Van Gogh, which is said to have the best vegan Sunday sandwich in southern London, was praised by Emmeline Hundleby.

It' just one of several first-class vegan meals you'll find on the menus, and since the winnings are re-invested in programs for the locals, the meal here is a delectably good Deal. Brixton Road, SW9 6BE. The next train is Oval. Also we have suggestions for vegan fastfood! While this vegan dessert is a great vegetable delight at any hour of the morning, adding crisps and sauce makes it the ideal dinner for the vegan in the city.

She has Temple of Hackney as her latest store, but London's northern vegan should look to the new temple of Camden to open later this months. The Temple of Hackney is located at 10 Morning Lane, 10 Morning Lane, 906NA, and the next stop is Hackney Central. CookDaily, the box park restaurant that also has JME and Professor Green as a fan, was only too pleased to be able to recommend it.

The show's celebrity, ranging from Caribbean to Thai, is a stormy selection of vegan shells. Go to Shoreditch or Croydon to get your hand on one of those nasty people. Boxing Park Shoreditch is located on 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, and the next stop is Shoreditch High Street.

You will find Croydon Box Park at 99 George Street, CR0 1LD, and the next stop is East Croydon. All predators who repent of their vegan voyage should leave everything behind. Although you won't find any meats, there's nothing better than a savoury cake to feed your appetite, and the cake and porridge of young vegans has quickly become a basic food at Camden Market.

You open seven nights a week so you can set up a bold cake weekend in the middle of Veganuar. Next train stop is Camden Town. You need a pudding to round off all the plant kindness, and Vegan Coach Karen thinks she's found the best place. The Gelatiera in Covent Garden is serving balls of astonishing ice cream, with some seriously seductive vegan flavor.

You will find the initial store in Covent Garden, 27 New Town, Toilet2N 4 LA (next stop is Leicester Square). You have opened a new store in 1 West Park Walk, East Village, Stratford, E20 and the next stop is Stratford International. Ever since we first compiled this inventory, London's slates have been strengthened by vegan restaurants with the advent of the most hype vegan necklace in the United States.

Among the Insta-worthy d├ęcors you will find some of London's best vegan quick dishes, among them the renowned Guac Burger, and Chloe's advent in the UK also created a UK meal with classic dishes such as seafood and french fries and vegan-style shepherd's cakes. Her first place came in Covent Garden, at 34-43 Russell Street, WC2B 5HA (next stop is Covent Garden).

Recently they opened their Tower Bridge in 6 Duchess Walk, SE1 2SD, and the next stops are London Bridge and Tower Hill. Okay, so I'm not a vegan, but I did eat here and I'll recommend it to you. Prior to a pop-up, The Vurger Co secures financing for a steady job, and you will be able to celebrate once you have had a foretaste of their vegan burger.

Six Richmix Square, Cygnet Street, Shoreditch, 1 6 LD. The closest train stop is Shoreditch High Street. Do you have room for more vegan kindness? Deride some of London's most forgiving vegan food to really improve your veganuar-play.

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