Valley Gem

Tal Gemstone

Lower Gem Sternwheeler, Marietta, OH. Over the Gem valley Valley Gem is really a matter of beaut. Valley Gem has a wealthy and beautiful story. Originally constructed in 1989 by the Sands dynasty, the present vessel is now run by Capt. Jason (J.

J.) Sands, sons of Capt. James E. and Peggy Sands. Capt. JJ Sands was raised by the creek and with the Valley Gem.

Skipper J.J. has been skipper of the ship for over 15 years and share this familiar traditions with his two kids Andy and Lily. Capt. Don Sandford made his first voyage on the Valley Gem. and asked Capt. Sands to allow him to go boating.

Throughout Ohio University, Don began working for the ship in 1985. In 1989 he acquired his pilot's licence and installs the electric system on today's Valley Gem. He' s taken the ship up and down the creek a thousand different ways since then. As an observant, Captain Don can always tell you what's new on the canal.

He' s delighted about people visiting the pilote home and tells tales about the stream. He and his family have a little girl, Mattie. Capt. James E. Sands, Sr., and his bride Peggy were an exceptional case. Captain Fred Way helped them name the Boot Valley Gem after a historical package ship that crossed the Muskingum between Marietta and Zanesville, Ohio, in the last hundred years.

He and his eldest boy Jimmy Sands, also a licenced driver, have delighted tens of thousand travellers on the Ohio and Muskingum rivers for more than ten years. Capt. Sands always thought he could enhance the Valley Gem's look. for several years creating a brand-new ship.

It' been named flagship of the Muskingum Navy, with Captain Sand as commodore. It was specially developed by Springfield based company for the Muskingum River. It' a well cared -for all-weather yacht with either warm or air-conditioned lower decks for passengers' comforts. Then in 1990, on the Sternwheel Festival Races Sunday, the people of the famous Sternwheel Festival met a disaster.

Capt. Sands, his spouse Peggy and their boy J.J. continued.

She' s been making bookings for the ship for almost thirty years. Your boy, Captain J.J., is now continuing the familiar traditions and you can join him and take a beautiful journey on an genuine starwheeler here in historical Marietta during the summers and the autumn.

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