The VAGO is a small device that you can easily take with you on your travels and that creates additional space in your luggage in just a few minutes. You can book now with Vago in Westmount, QC. The VAGO plays a key role in promoting confidence in the public sector. English-Spanish translation of vago in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The official Collins Portuguese-English dictionary online.

?Best?Best Travelling tools. 50% more baggage compartment! by CRREATION CLOTH

How can I return more due to the limited dimensions of my bag? The VAGO is a small unit that you can take with you while driving. That' s why it makes additional room in your bag. VAGO believes that it can provide a whole new adventure as an indispensable instrument for travelling. Our research has shown that clothing, handbags and other softer material make up most of the room in your bag.

VAGO Plus with suction compressors to get fresh out of your clothing and get more room for you. But VAGO can help resolve this nuisance by holding them in a closed atmosphere, away from odours and germs. The VAGO has an intelligent print detection system and is able to stop the printer after full decompression, which saves you valuable power and valuable operating hours.

The VAGO can be supplied with electricity via micro-USB cables and adapters or the portable mains supply. He can also suction your pouch on the way. Use the same cord with your phone to charge VAGO, this can be good for the planet without using batteries, and you don't need to bring an additional cord with you.

When VAGO started, we surveyed a large number of travellers and found that anyone who wanted to make more room in their pack. In terms of the environmental and corporate citizenship, we have designed VAGO as a unique machine instead of producing a new bag. Designing the vacuumpump was the most difficult part, and together with the manufacturer of the pumps we have created a completely new fabric only for VAGO.

Several baggage manufacturers approach us via many canals and we go into volume manufacturing with the best possible qualitiy. VAGO currently has 4 colours and will have more colour selections in the near futu. We are planning the manufacture of IRON VAGO metallic coatings if the increase in quantity successfully reaches our goal.

Thank you to all donors so that VAGO reaches its target within 24h. We will work really hardworking on volume manufacturing and make our commitment that you will all get the best VAGO. Is it possible to use VAGO in different markets? A1: Yes, VAGO uses the micro-USB port and can work with your micro-USB and adapters like your smartphone.

QU 2: How long does it take for VAGO to complete the order? A 2: According to the latest sample we have, VAGO will take about 5 min to do the work, and it depends on how much material you put into the pouch. We' re going to use a new VAGO vaccum engine for our bulk manufacturing, which can reduce the vaccum times.

Q3: Will VAGO work with noises? A3: We averaged the VAGO working tone and it is only 50kb. How big are VAGO Vakuumbags? 5. Q5: How many garments can be placed in the VAGO bag? Q6: Can we select the VAGO bag sizes?

7 Q: Can VAGO work with the normal bag that you can buy in the supermarket? VAGO uses a one-of-a-kind adaptor to attach VAGO pouches so that VAGO can only work with VAGO-Pouches. They can not use the normal evacuated bag instead. 8 Q: How do I order additional cases?

Q8: Please adjust your pawning fee by entering the amount of pouches required. Example, if you want to buy 5 more pockets, please include $3X5=$15 to your initial pawning amount. So there is no fear of purchasing additional pockets in the market. Q11: Can I use AC to load VAGO?

VAGO can only be operated with micro-USB cables and adapters or with the portable AC-adaptor. VAGO does not have a built-in rechargeable batteries, so we cannot plug them directly into the mains. Q212: Do I get a guarantee for my VAGO? VAGO offers a one year guarantee. 13 Q: Can I reuse the bag?

For our bag we use heavy-duty and high-quality material. During our test we found no apparent damage to our cases.

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