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Destinations in Thailand

Would you like to travel and have a holiday like the locals? It' a wonderful place for family holidays, with many activities for everyone. I' m planning to travel to Thailand with my friends in December this year. Your story is a charming story of a young family that will melt your heart. What destination is best for the holiday after your Zodiac.

Top 10 beach destinations in Thailand

Haad Rin is really only known for one thing - full moons and wild nights. The Sunrise Beach on the eastern side of the penninsula goes on a nocturnal booze tour once a months, which is continued until midday the next morning with lots of drinks, dance and soundtrack.

There is still a festive mood at other hours of the months, so those looking for a calmer seaside holiday might prefer to run away. In the daytime the gold sands and the gentle slope of the coastline make Sunrise Park good for sunbathing, although there are some cliffs in the sea that you should be aware of when you swim.

In spite of the great partiescene the Haad Rin is one of the best beaches in Thailand. There' s not even much going on between Full Moon parties. However, be advised that the beaches and lodging will fill up to a full weekend before the big event. In the high seasons over 15.000...MORE persons will come to celebrate!

The Sunrise Beach is located on a small promontory overlooking the archipelago, so that although there are places to stay and dine, they are still relatively unexplored. On the other side a brief stroll through the city offers entrance to the sunset at the taming Sunset Beach. Although Haad Rin seems to direct the call for all Koh Pha Ngan, the isle is big!

Haad Yuan, an even better "adult" sandy area, is a brief boating trip from Haad Rin.

Traveller Alert: 8 safe places to go in and around Thailand

Inquire of anyone who has travelled to and around Thailand and you will often be told the same thing: Thailand is one of the most safe where they travel. However, even in the most secure land there are areas you want to prevent, especially if you are travelling with your group. As an example, many visitors are avoiding the vast south of Thailand due to conflict with various religions.

Bangkok's riots cause concern (but do not influence how much of the remainder of the land works). Thailand is a very large nation, however, and even if you take Bangkok and the far southernmost part of the world off the map, if you don't feel comfortable with them, you have many beautiful to do.

Although a large and busy metropolis, Chiang Mai is a secure anchor. It is a large metropolis with a small-town flair. It is an ideal starting point for discovering North Thailand, ideal for groups and groups who love a little adventures. Chiang Mai has many family-friendly outdoor pursuits. Chiang Mai in the South is an ideal option if you want to see Thailand's metropolitan lifestyle without worrying about your security in Bangkok.

Situated to the south-west of Bangkok, Hua Hin has almost magic escape from the urgent masses of tourism. Although this seaside resorts is a favourite with Thais (and for good reasons - it's beautiful!), you won't see the traffic jams you might find in other similar city. This means you won't face the security problems you might have at a favourite travel location.

If Hua Hin is your ultimate goal or just a stopover on your way southwards, it is a secure place to be. As there are no vehicles here, you can look forward to a completely different adventure than at other favourite travel locations. The Railay Beach is a favourite place for visitors.

It will not be possible to swim safely in the sea due to the bad conditions during the year. It is a beautiful place that is becoming more and more appreciated by the family. You' ll neither see the hustle and bustle of Bangkok or major towns, nor do you have to be "rough". Surrounded by the sea, Samui is an elevated tourist resort, secure, clean as well as comfort.

It' a great place for families, with a lot of activity for everyone. The northernmost town, almost mountainous, has an even more relaxed and picturesque atmosphere than Chiang Mai. Chiang Rai is a one-of-a-kind Thai adventure with amazing fairs, places of worship and tasty caterers.

Situated to the northwest of Bangkok, this town is known above all as the shooting site for the movie "The Bridge Over The River Kwai". Angling, canoing, birdwatching, golf ing, stargazing, hiking, this is the place to see and savour the best of Thailand's wildlife.

It is a sure goal and a marvelous adventure for the family who wants to meet their inquisitiveness. Situated to the northern side of the very beloved Phuket resort, Phang Nga is known for its great dives and stunning coves. Although not a big metropolis, this picturesque metropolis draws literally a hundred visitors, especially eco-tourists and adventurers.

Whilst this worlwide renowned town is not in Thailand (it is in Malaysia), many travellers will fly to or from the town. Kuala Lumpur and Singapore both became favourite destinations to Thailand during the 2008 closure of airports.

Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are both safer towns due to strict legislation and are much appreciated by foreigners and visitors. As the riots in Bangkok flare up from time to time, the remainder of Thailand is on. There is no need why you can't make it to your ultimate Thailand goal, no matter what happens in Bangkok.

Include the Thai Tourist Police number in your mobile number. Use caution when choosing your transport; traffic accidents and fatalities are not unusual in Thailand and you must be cautious. Thailand, with its tropical cultures and climates, tends to get visitors to act like they would never do at home.

Also, you should prevent places where politics and conflict take place. The majority of tourist places, full of people who want to celebrate or not, are great places to go as long as you apply these principles of good judgment wherever you are. Thailand is a very secure country, but you are always responsible for yourself as you savor its shores, jungle and citys.

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