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Acknowledging the excellent journalism

It is priced at $2,500. Mr. Burke had an illuminated carreer as a communications and radio manager. A former President of CBS Newspaper, he was both Vice President and Executives Vice President of ABC Newspaper. She is the head of the Dakar office of VOA Central Newspaper.

Anne and VOA stringer Heather Murdock embarked on a treacherous journey to the Nigerian town of Maiduguri in December. You were there to tell about how the town had recovered from the month-long raids by the Muslim group of extremists Boko Haram. In danger of exposing her attendance, Anne submitted a wireless coverage of the assault and was the only West German reporter to do so.

Idriss' case of VOA's French Africa Ministry at the end of 2013 almost two week in Bangui, the capitol of the Central African Republic. Mr Bagassi Koura, also of VOA's Franco-African mission, reported on the Malian election of 2013. Faced with major threats, Bagassi was very productive in his reports, making available every day reports on radios, videos and a multi-media blogs with videos, photographs, sound and text information about the campaigns and the vote.

He reported among other things on the Tuareg and Mali Peacemaking Agreement. Kiev office is recognised for reporting on the Ukrainian economic crises. RFE/RL's Ukrainian Radio Svoboda's Kyiv Bureau was broadcast in the form of a drama from the epicentre of the dispute, providing the public with detailed analyses, eye-witness accounts and responses from various quarters, among them government-friendly supporter.

In spite of the profound safety issues in Iraq, Omar Adnan Al-Obaidi has always produced excellent results in his TV coverage and provided a fair and impartial view of the world. Recently, Omar was spotted by a sharpshooter on his way to Iraq's army headquarter to conduct an interviews with the leader of the anti-terrorist force and tell about his anti-terrorist work.

It also addressed issues of governance maladministration and poor governance, issues that have been raised by many indigenous and pan-Arab medias. Maitham's singular contribution won him credit as the best TV reporter in Iraq from the Ayoon Association for Culture and Press. RFE/RL's Hamid Mohmand won the prize for his exceptional bravery and outstanding coverage in Afghanistan.

Despite being frequently endangered by the Taliban for his coverage, he is fearless in his resolve to tell the country's most important histories and in his belief that a free media is crucial for Afghanistan's freedom and well-being. He presented a story in December about a former police officer who had been detained after he informed the police about clandestine harvesting.

TV Martí's Vanessa Ruiz was awarded for her probity and authenticity in the Venezuela poll. Considered the adversary of Venezuela's close friend Cuba, TV Martí put herself in great jeopardy by giving an honest and objective report to the Cuban audience. The Idriss case of VOA's French-to-Africa service is known for its outstanding coverage of the Malian economic upheaval.

It mobilised a group of Malay stringer whose regular stories support the recently established Mali 1 cell phone intelligence agency Scott Bobb of VOA's Centralews Division won the Burke Award for his extensive and bold report on the Israeli war. During a fact-finding mission, during an interview with a Free Syrian Army commandant, Bobb was witness to a recent air raid by the state.

Later, Mr Bobby submitted stories to TV and the press about the serious damages in the old Aleppo area and the opposition to the Assad government in Syrian-Kurdish area. She received the prize for her reporting on the "Lights of Liberty Flotilla", a small group of vessels with the task of sailing across the dangerous and dangerous straits of Florida outside Cuba' s water to trigger gunfire.

One of the most eminent Pakistani Pashtun journalist, Mahsud won the Burke Award for his reporting on the Pashtun people. RFA's Korea Service won a Burke Award for its "proactive effort and excellent teamwork" in reporting on the December 2011 killing of Kim Jong Il, Korea's leading nuclear scientist.

A 24/7 contingency planning was used by the Korean service to cover D.P.R.K. development and prospects for the global fellowship, the Korean press, the North Koreans and renegades. The Egyptian revolution in the end of January and February 2011 was well covered by El Shamy, Khuzam, Khandil and Mashakba.

From Cairo and Alexandria, these brave reporters covered the revolutionary events around the clock, 18 days of non-stop life. On February 2, 2011, El Shamy and Khuzam told of the network's Cairo office when a crowd of people invaded their premises and attempted to enter the establishment.

In spite of the threats and force, El Shamy and Khuzam remained on TV to pursue Alhurra's cover. Alhurra was the only TV station to broadcast from Egypt on February 2nd night for several inches. The 20 reporters and manufacturers of Belarus Service provided the latest information and detailed analyses of the controversial Belarus elections in December 2010.

It is a system of built-in reporting on the Internet, TV and the Internet, which provides precise and complete information at a moment when a credible vote was urgently needed. After the suppression, Svaboda' s website activity rose fivefold and its Youtube page impressions rose 300%. His reporting has been extensively cited by the main press such as CNN, BBC and the New York Times.

RFA's Cantonese Service in Washington, D.C. and Hong Kong honored journalists for their pioneering reporting of a radiological spill and the government's attempts to hide the information. RFA's Cantonese Service received a paper that revealed detail on the radio leaks and provided extensive, up-to-date reporting, which was taken up by large press organisations, such as the New York Times and Bloomberg Newspaper.

Jose Luis Ramos received the prize for his committed reports on the burial of Orlando Zapata Tamayo. The Cubans' history was not covered by the national press and the Cubans on the archipelago followed the radio broadcasts on Radio Martí. Mr. Ramos organized an exclusively broadcast of Tamayo's burial by mobile radio connection between Radio Martí Studio and Tamayo's house in the city.

Tamayo's mom, who cried the words of liberty on Radio Martí, was in the touching film. Both Mohamed and Betty play an important role in the highly acclaimed second episode of Alhurra's five-part Americans on Arab -Americans documentaries. At the end of 2009, Jin-Seo Lee gave an excellent report on the hardship of a thousand homeless people who were either orphaned.

As his reports showed, these pequeños have no juridical safeguards, many of the pequeños do not receive sufficient nutrition, training or health care. In Kandahar, one of the most perilous towns in the word, Dawa Khan Myenapal is the journalist for Radio Free Afghanistan. He has shown great courage in working under continuous pressures from both the government's fighters and law enforcement agencies, and his impartial reports have won him recognition from across the entire policy arena.

Mr Bunairee risked his lives and those of his families to tell of the fatal battle between Pakistani forces and fighters in Pakistan's federally administered tribal areas (FATA) and the Northwestern Frontier Province (NWFP) for VOA's Deewa service. During July 2009, fighters took note of Mr Bunairee's reports and bombarded his family's house in Pakistan's Buner County.

Having hid in Karachi and then in Islamabad, Mr. Bunairee went to the United States where he was given refuge and continued his coverage of the Pakistani frontier area from VOA headquarters in Washington D.C. Ms. Huang was recognised for her 2009 environment programme "Guardian of the Rivers Huai", the history of the photo journalist who became an ecologist, Huo Daishan's Huo Daishan Campaign to rescue China's third-largest waterway.

Radio Marti's rapid intelligence department. The OCB's missions have been driven by her mentoring of reporters, her flair for breaking new ground and her appreciation of the importance of both new and existing ways of working with the world. Mrs Rodriguez has become a good example to the remainder of the workforce by providing outstanding reporting on important incidents.

The most important aspect of her contribution to the newsroom was the expanded coverage of the blogs communities on the Isle. It has followed the work of the blogger consequently and kept the public up to date on the work of this section of the new Cuban independant medial. It cultivates close contacts with the members of this powerful group and was an important part of their involvement in Radio Marti's news programmes.

The Iraqis dared to risk their own lifes to tell about the situation in Iraq, proving their professionality, unafraid of the harsh and perilous world. Mrs Wahed and Mr Alrubaiei's news goes beyond the press to raise tales of interesst. Her accounts always extend across geographical and political borders to cover histories not dealt with in other Arabic-speaking media, and include accounts of paralysed living in 52 communities on the Iraqi-Turkish frontier during the war there.

In view of the difficulties of access to these places and individuals, Mr Ramirez's convincing accounts have drawn the media's attention to an area on which there has seldom been such detailed comment. Tsentsten Dolkar showed excellent coverage, devotion and professionality by establishing relations in Tibet for more than 12 years and by drawing on an expansive rebellion early on in the rebellion.

Radio Marti's intelligence department has worked hard to tell the Cuban population their own stories, which have been refused by their state. When reporting on the destruction of Hurricane Gustav and Ike, the Radio Marti employees tried to learn directly from the Cubans about their life and fight for survival.

It was Radio Marti that provided an avenue for the medias to bridge to the audience and to break through the wall enforced by the censor. The Radio Marti became the premier Cuban information resource on Hurricane Gustav and Ike. Radio Marti informed the state press and in detail thanks to the vast networks that this group of journalists had built up throughout the Isle.

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