Use Muse in a Sentence

Using Muse in one sentence

A muse definition, something or someone to inspire. Samples of muse in one sentence. This model was the artist's muse for his famous sculpture...

.. At a dizzying speed, his muse moved. There's no point thinking about past mistakes.

Using Muse in one sentence

The muse of apocalypse, CALLIOPE, thus called after the sweety of her violets (Gr. My muse can be pardoned if she remains quiet from now on. Her muse calms her and predicts the demise of the bullfighter. Sicily' s famous sagas also inspire his muse; he was the first to present the pastor Daphnis, who came to a disgraceful end after proving unbelieving in the eyes of the enchanted herdsman.

Various authors stylize her "the tithe muse", "the flame of grace", "a miracle", "the beautiful", the last nickname that refers to her writing, not to her being, who is said to have been small and obscure. He had many affinities with the Romantics and contributed to their instrument, the Muse Franzages.

There is a magnificent catalogue general des anthiquitis gigtiennes de muse de Caire for antiques in museum; for archaeological finds the memoirs of the Egypt Exploration Fund, the Research Account, the British School of Archaeology, the Liverpool School of Archaeology, the German Orient Society, the I-Iearst Egyptian Expedition, the Theodore M.

They are based on the description of the voices of the blind voices in the Ulysses with their lieder directly influenced by the muse; on the poet's appeal to the Muses, especially in a place like the opening of the catalogue; on the catalogue itself, which is a kind of historic documentation versified to help the mind; on the ship-owner in the Ulysses, who "has a good mind for his cargo", &c.

The smaller writers of this time include Karpifiski (1741-1828), a novelist of contemporary elegy in sensationalism, and Franciszek Dyonizy Kniaanin (1750-1807), who fed his muse with classic subjects and composed several pieces. On some of his muse's wings he recalls Slowacki in the tune of his Zaleski poem.

Only the Sempill wrote the only articles that release these hundred years and more from the accusation of irreverence towards the local muse (see below). There was no other Portugese satiric who had such a full set of furniture for his studio as Nicolao Tolentino, and although a dependant posture was depressing his muse, he drew the habits and habits of the day with almost photographical precision and spread his assaults or pleaded for favors in glittering verses.

He lauded Philetas, Cos's long-serving poets, and criticized "the chicks of the muse who cluck at the bards from Chilean and find their work missing. "The moving events in Portugal's politic liberation inspire his muse, and he depicts the rancour of exiles, the adventure of Terceira, the epic defense of Porto and the last struggles for freedom.

The ephemeral experience that inspire the muse of Vodnik, the first Slovenian writer of the true brand, had its repercussions in the 1940s Illyric movements that took place in Zagreb, the Croation city. Garibaldi et la fabrication de l'Italie (1911) ; La vie de John Bright (1913) ; Clio, une muse et d'autres essais (1913) ; Scènes de la guerre d'Italie (1919).

Suffice it to say the following: the sublime female mystery named "the 10th Muse", Bernarda Ferreira de Lacerda, writer of the Soledades de Bussaco, Laura do Anfrizo by Manoel Tagarro, Sylvia de Lizardo by Frei Bernardo de Brito and the poetry of Frei Agostinho the Chagas, better expressed by his Cartas aspirituaes.

Early Julia Nyberg (1785-1854), under the heading Euphrosyne, was her 10th muse and composed pleasant texts. The first of the Troubadurs, William IX, Count of Poitiers, came to collect specimens for his muse, and even some, such as Stephen of Blois and Hugh of Vermandois, who had taken part in the first of the crusades but had not reached Jerusalem.

Passionate about his family and his family, his boyfriend Beccadelli signing the unbridled poems of Hermaphrodite, his own muse celebrates in libertarian but faithful ways the joys of marital affections, the charms of childhood and the worries of a man and a man in the bereavement of those he loves.

Orpheus was the best-known legend, the father of Oeagrus, Thrace' kings, and the muse of Calliope. One of them is the group of Scottish Chaucerians, the court poet of the 17th and the" English" scripts of the Edinburgh literature of the eighteenth cent. the second one is the local and" rustic" muse of Christis Kirk on the Grene to the work of yxl y.

Combining and fusing the best aspects of traditional and traditional muse, using the shapes of some to articulate the mind and tradition of others, he uses the mediida Velha in his own hand as a means of thinking, whereas in the past it was usually used only to convey feelings.

Judging by the devotions, prologs and epilogs of his various pieces, however, he seems to have relished the protectorate of the Count, later Herzog, of Newcastle, "even a muse" in style, and Lord Craven, the alleged spouse of the ex-Queen of Bohemia. In 1875 he already publishes a poetry collection in Gujarati, followed in 1877 by The Indian Muse in English Garb, which was particularly well received in England by Tennyson, Max Miller and Florence Nightingale.

The above mentioned use of words have been compiled from various resources to mirror actual and historic use.

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