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The currency rankings show that the most popular US dollar exchange rate is the USD/EUR exchange rate. The reason why private banks and even state banks, despite a central bank order to the country, do not accept old or coloured US dollar notes. Businesses can continue to pay salaries in USD. Myanmar (USD). These are useful quick reference tools.

Using USD in MYANMAR today - Myanmar Forum

Accommodation, some entrance fee, state taxes (visas, permissions etc.) and transportation by airplane and (some) boats. Items you should be paying in your own currency: e ateries, cabs, souvenirs.......pretty much anything else. As a general principle here (I am living in Myanmar), if I am given a USD prize for something other than the above, I usually get the "special alien prize", and I will normally leave.

Although the Federal Reserve has lifted the requirement that all your bills be in perfect working order, it is required of anyone who wants to pay your USD..........soooooooo, make sure they look as if they were issued or not!

Can I get a dollar in Myanmar? - Meyanmar message board

Can I get a dollar in Myanmar? We wanted to switch bucks with the locals instead of pay ATM charges to the fake folks because the bank (and therefore ATMs) were in their possession and we wanted to give them as little cash as possible. At one time we used an ATM in Naypyitaw, when (not surprisingly) there were no coin-exchangers.

They had six ATMs outside the mall and it is noteworthy that my friend's Visa credit cards didn't work in any of them and my Visa credit cards only worked in one. We' ve already bought almost everything in Kyoto, a few properties (if we extend our stays for a days or two) in US dollar, mostly just so we didn't have to find a moneylender.

And even government change machines have calculated less than ATM charges. My point I guess is that if you want to keep the moneys in the right places then it's still worth taking bucks and avoid ATM', if at all possible.

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