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Veszprém to Kyat Exchange Rate History

Newsreader RSS Feed - Developer API - Exchange rate comparison charts. Live exchange rates shown on this page are "interbank" exchange rates. Therefore CBM has a long history. The tariffs are provided by Visa to its partner banks. Ancient exchange rates, historical charts.

Archive - Average rates 2003

This page has been filed and will not be updated. This page has been filed and will not be updated. The following tables show the 2003 averages for the following major exchange rate bands. This will help you translate the Old Age Security Return of Income into C$.

Mr White lives in Sweden. With the help of the above table, Mr. White must perform the following computation to show his overseas revenues in C$.

Exchangerate Rates | Banco de Portugal

Asterisked ('*') currency is the exchange rate at the end of the monday. If no exchange rate is available on the weekend or public holiday, the exchange rate for the working date before the desired date is indicated. Currency exchange rate files: Since January 1999, exchange rate information can be download (xlsx format or CVS format).

You can also find the current prices of the last four working day in the updated version (xls file).

  • 131920 Myanmar Kyat to US Dollar, translate 131920 MMK to USD

This page shows the exchange rate from 131920 Burma Kyat (Myanmar Kyat) (MMK) to US Dollar (USD), selling and exchange rate. We have also added the top visualisation and history chart for 131920 Myanmar Kyat (MMK) to USD (USD) from Thursday, September 8, 2011 to Thursday, February 8, 2011.

Last exchange rate update of 131920 Myanmar Kyat (MMK). 131920 MMK to USD. What is 131920 Myanmar Kyat to US Dollar? 89.65 US Dollar.

Year 1995 Historical Exchange Rates Exchange Rate Widget,Currency Converter Widget

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