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To convert between this currency and any other currency, click United States Dollars or Myanmar Kyats. Taxis and long taxi rides are US dollars, but can also be Kyat. Current conversion rates from your currency to Kyat can be found in XE Currency Converter. Myanmar is becoming more expensive than the US. - Kyat will become more expensive in US dollars.

100000(MMK) Myanmar Kyat(MMK) To United States Dollar(USD) Exchange Rates Today

Here is the page from Myanmar Kyat (MMK) to United States Dollar (USD) converter, below you will find the current rates of exchange between them and will be refreshed every 1 minute. This shows the translation rates for both currrencies. You can also view the histories of these forex couples by selecting the timeframe in which you can get more information.

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Yangon Branch can now open receivables clearing and overdraft, brokered deposits and NRAs ( "accounts opened for foreign institutions") in Burma's Kyat, the US Dollars, the Euro and the Singapore Dollars and more. Yangon Branch can provide the ICBC Yangon Branch Website with your clients' current bank statements, real-time journals and other bank information according to their needs.

Clients can obtain the voting form by placing it at the check-in desk, by e-mail, by WeChat or by download from online bank. IBC Yangon Branch provides flexible, personalised services to clients built on our clients' commercial collaboration with our office. The ICBC Yangon Branch offers the Burmese Kyat pay-in and draw services, the US dollars, the euro and the Singapore dollars.

Under Burma's Federal Reserve, the draw threshold is USD 10,000 per USD per week for the US currency, and there is no threshold for the draw in Burma's Kyat. We offer cheques in four different currency options, such as Burma's Kyat, US dollars, euros and Singapore dollars, in the default cheque formats set by the country's Federal Reserve for day-to-day corporate drawings or payments.

Companies can make Kyat cheques from Burma made out by our branch to all of Yangon's domestic Yangon banking institutions and hand in Kyat cheques from other Burma banking institutions that they have been given in their ICBC Yangon Branch-account. Burma's Kyat Cheques are responsible for inner-city settlement and the Burma Federal Reserve operates a settlement centre in Yangon, Naypyidaw and Mandalay.

We can provide a real-time on arrivals transfers for clients opening an account at our branch. In order to send US dollar to a resident banking institution, the client can complete a home wire transaction request and our branch can perform the home wire transaction, which usually arrives within one business days. In order to pay Burmese Kyats to a Burmese account, the client can directly request a cheque from our branch and present the cheque for settlement at a Yangon-banking.

We are able to provide the company with currency services for clients in Burma's Kyat, the US dollars, the euro and the Singapore dollars. We have an exchangerate with competitive advantage for currency trade. One of the world' s transfer currency is the US Dollars, the Euro and the Singapore Dollars.

Payment terms arriving at the desk will be handled on the same date. Transfers that our branch receive from local bankers are usually credited to the beneficiaries' bank balances on the same date. The transfer will be credited to the customer's bank transfer bank statement the same working days after receipt of the transfer.

In the case of a credit wire to a Chinese institution, the credit wire usually arrives within one to two working day if the recipient institution enters the People's House FX clearing system. Now our branch can offer money transfers to Burma's home banking institutions (mainly large municipal institutions, incl. KBZ, CB, AYA, UAB, YOMA, CHDB and APEX) that have corresponding relationships with our branch.

Our branch, as an intermediate institution, can make transfers from domestic or non-Myanmar recipients to domestic recipients. Below the transaction, the last recipient or initiator of the transaction is a domestic one, and clients must enquire about the wire or any other commercial matter to the domestic one.

Our branch, as an intermediate institution, carries out the transaction the very next morning after receipt of the credit information. Currently, our branch has a lower rate for national, overseas and wire transfers than Burma's banking institutions. The ICBC Yangon Branch provides the services of payment of salaries in batches for overseas corporate clients in Myanmar.

Currently, our office can provide the US dollars payroll services to Nigerian financial services organizations in China and provide US dollars and Burma kyat payments to Burma's municipal bank. Now our branch opens a number of settlement bank account at home and abroad to cover the national and foreign transfer needs of our clients.

Companies can obtain specific information from the merchant banks at the check-in desk. In the following you will find the fundamental information about our subsidiary: Receiver bankname: Adress of the bank: Clients can contact the ICBC Yangon Branch desk (address: Our multi-storey car park provides comfortable valet and transport is convenient) and applies to various financial activities during working time.

In accordance with Burma's Federal Reserve Regulations, ICBC Yangon Branch operates the counters every working Sunday from 9:30-15:00 and on the last working Sunday of the following months from 8:30-14:00. Now our branch has started the request editions of the online casino services. At the end of 2016, we anticipate launching the online Banking Transfers Series.

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