Us Visa Application in Myanmar

We visa application in Myanmar

Please support or email us to find out how you qualify for other Thai visa options. There is no counter at the Visa Office. Click here for information on how to apply for a visa or contact the visa office. Health Passport - Visa for Myanmar. Myanmar citizens resident in the United States of America.

Rangoon, Myanmar - U.S. Embassy details for K1 Visa, K3 Visa, CR1 Visa

As soon as USCIS submits the case record to the National Visas Center (NVC), NVC will notify the applicant and the recipient of the documentation they need to pick up from the applicant before planning the beneficiary's face-to-face at the U.S. Embassy's consular offices in Rangoon. If there are any deficiencies in the documentation or the examination has not yet been concluded, please be aware that the case will be rejected on the agreed date of the interviews until all documentation and health care demands have been met.

In Rangoon, the NHS doctor conducting the immigration visas is the International SOS Clinic at the Dusit Inya Lake Hotel, 37 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road. During your job interviews, please provide proof of your relation to the applicant. Included are your birthday document, your registering your parents, your education, your local register car, photographs, phone records, proof of contact with the applicant and other things.

If you lose the document, please take along your originals or copies made out by the competent authorities. When the applicant has the originals in the USA, have them sent to you for an appraisal. Prior to the conversation, you will be asked to take an affidavit confirming that all information in your record and all information you provide to the consular officer during the conversation is accurate and comprehensive.

The US consulate handles K1, K3 and CR1 visa.

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Burma is one of the best kept mysteries of Southeast Asia as it is home to some of the most unspoilt shores and the most pleasant weathers. In addition, more and more travellers are arriving in Burma to see this fine people. Formally known as Myanmar (though generally known as Burma ) is an interesting geopolitical case report.

Myanmar has been relatively insulated internationally since the mid-1960s. However, Myanmar (Burma) is a member of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and there are growing numbers of stories from overseas travellers to Myanmar (Burma). The question of immigration into the United States, however, can be perplexing and complex, especially as the Myanmar administration is taking a tough line against those foreigners who are traveling to Myanmar to take a Myanmar woman.

However, Myanmar citizens outside Myanmar are not obliged to comply with the strictest Myanmar legislation. Many, however, find it hard to get married to their Myanmar woman in Thailand (or any other jurisdiction) because some Myanmar consular authorities are not willing or able to produce proof of a Myanmar woman's judicial capacity to do so.

A common occurrence in Thailand is that an US citizen encounters a citizen of Burma in Thailand who wants to marry the pair, but they are not able to do so because in some cases the citizen of Burma is in the Kingdom of Thailand unlawfully or cannot obtain documents to this effect from his or her home in Myanmar.

To some, the solution to this deadlock is just a question of returning their Myanmar mistresses to the United States on a C1 visas and getting married in one of the US courts. Even though the engagement card is a favorite passport for many, it is not necessarily a simple passport for Myanmar citizens.

For many cases, those who want to take their Myanmar fiancée or wife to the United States choose the service of an expert law office, as the logistic of supporting a Myanmar citizen may seem insuperable. In addition, the United States immigration agencies in the United States, in the form of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and the Department of State, have their own visas handling regulations that must be complied with before a US visa is actually made out.

Another element that has a role to play in the above debate is the Thai immigration services. Each year, the Royal Thai Immigration Guard is forced to expel a significant number of citizens from Burma. People with a beloved Myanmar in Thailand would be smart to keep this in the back of their minds if the beloved person is to stay in Thailand while the visas and applications are being processed.

More information about consular processing in Burma can be found here: U.S. Embassy Burma or U.S. Embassy Myanmar. Marriage in Thailand has never been so easy.

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