Us Travel to Myanmar

We travel to Myanmar

Burma's government controls travel to, from and within Burma. In order to enter Burma, you need a valid passport with at least six months validity and a valid visa. U.S. citizens must also agree not to enter restricted areas during their trip through Myanmar.

If you travel to Myanmar with a US passport, you will need an e-visa. What do I have to do before I go to Burma?

Myanmar (Burma) travel advice

Please refer to the complete itinerary. Don't come there: Rethink the journey: But if you choose to go to Burma: Sign up to the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to get alerts and find you more easily in an incident. US nationals travelling abroad should always have an emergencies response schedule.

Read the checklist for travellers. This township is the object of battles between the Myanmar army and insurgents. Risks vary greatly between cities and can vary at any given moment. Restricted U.S. federal capacity to deliver U.S. citizen emergencies in these areas, as U.S. federal staff require specific permission to visit these places.

Do you have a plan of eviction that does not depend on the support of the US-Administration? Find out about traveling to high-risk areas. Restricted U.S. federal capacity to deliver U.S. citizen emergencies in these areas, as U.S. federal staff require specific permission to visit these places.

Travel To Burma

Burma's federal authorities have tight control over trips to and within the state. Passports and entry visas are necessary for all travellers arriving in Burma. Burma's leaders unveiled a programme to ease investments in the Burma on June 1, 2012. For more information about the programme, please visit the website of the Embassy of Burma on the website of the United States.

Note that the regulations for this relatively new programme are complicated and not fully encoded. Whilst certain groups of corporate travellers have been reported to be able to obtain the necessary permits upon arriving under this programme, Burmese immigration officers have denied access to some travellers who thought they could arrive without them.

Pending the Burmese government's further definition of the program's qualification, travellers are encouraged not to consider the entry permit as an entry permit replacement. Also, please be aware that the Visa-on-arrival programme is not designed for visitors who require a touristic permit. A number of travel agents in the area are preparing to apply for foreign visitors' permits for a charge before the visitors reach Yangon International Airport.

Burmese Immigration Department permission must be obtained from the Burmese Ministry of Immigration for visitors with pre-arranged visas to obtain a permit upon entry. Single persons can make their first exploration appointments with a tourist visas, but it is recommended to apply for a commercial visas before participating in other commercial activity. Travellers who exceed their visas must be fined $3 per person per night on leaving the country.

To find out more about travel to Burma, please go to For information on the latest requirement for a commercial entry and other information, please contact the Union of Myanmar Embassy in Washington, DC, or the Permanent Mission of Myanmar to the United Nations in New York. If you have an enquiry regarding international matters, please contact the closest embassy or consulate in Myanmar.

US businesses demanding Burma's presence in the United States should be aware that certain persons are subject to a visa ban and that some applications may take a long period of inconvenience. It is recommended that travellers obtain a permit in good before their planned trip.

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