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How does a tourist change money? Best Available USD Exchange Rates Comparison Chart. It is advisable to bring enough US dollars with you when you travel to Myanmar, as this is the only acceptable currency that can be converted to Kyat or FEC in Myanmar. Cross-check global brands and get the exchange rate you want. Here you define the real exchange rates in local currency.

Burma containment of the use of the U.S. dollar

Last year Kyoto fell more than 20%, making it one of the poorest countries in the area. From 30 November 2015, most companies will have to surrender their currency licences, with only bank accounts and money change offices still being able to keep their licences.

Money exchange in Myanmar

Money change (US dollar) has become simpler in Myanmar with the recent policy changes and the increasing absorption capacity for tourists. Money can be swapped for a reasonable price and without commission at Yangon International Airport and Mandalay International Airport (this was not the case in 2010).

At Yangon International you will find the stand on the far right when you see the taxi exits after leaving Yangon Inward. Go in line, give them your money and your pass. Thanks for the money and the pass. No biggie. You are processing the swap while you are waiting in this line and you will then receive your money countered in front of you and a slip.

In Myanmar there are no other currencies than the ancient one. Cash machines landed in Myanmar at the end of 2011 thanks to CB Bank, but at first only to withdraw money from Kunat's sums. Some of them now also accepts VISA and MasterCard as well as the corresponding credit card, for example in the PLUS or Cirrus system.

However not all of them will be available for overseas tickets, so do not rely on prepaid tickets for all the money during your journey. ATM machines are available at Yangon and Mandalay airports. PayPal, for example, is not available from Myanmar because they comply with US mbar regulations - even if a VPN works for you, you will probably have blocked your bankroll and a whole series of processes to reopen it).

Strand Hotel and Park Royal Hotel, KBZ Hotel, Inya Lake Hotel and CB Hotel have ATM machines. CAUTION: Inform your local banking or payment service provider that you will travel to Myanmar and use your debit or credit cards. As I left Yangon Aiport, I noticed that there was no currency exchange in the field of foreign flights (as of 15.2.2013).

But if you are there early in the day and the foreign currencies are still exchanged, try one of the gift-sellers there. Had to do this and I got a very fair rates from a jewelry vendor who had a cute bunch of US bucks to make the change for me.

Losing about 60c of $50 in value of Kyoto - still less than a joint committee in other states. Until now, the current practices of using illegal exchange rates (they come near you on the streets and mumble "change money" like talking to an informant) is really no longer valuable and poses a risk.

You will still see the locals occasionally leave a square with a polythene sack full of brick from the city.

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