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The American Embassy, Yangon. U.S. Embassy Rangoon, Burma-Burma (Myanmar)-Rangoon. Articles on the U.

S. Embassy Yangon written by domani spero. The British Embassy in Rangoon is committed to attracting outstanding people to its team. Shortly after Burma's independence, the US Embassy moved into these premises.


Since April 9, the charges and validity of non-immigrant visas for Myanmar residents have changed. Your proposed trip and other facts will define what kind of visas are needed under the U.S. Migration Act. If you are seeking a student or college student visas, you must ensure that you fulfil all the conditions to obtain the class of visas for which you are seeking.

Please read our list of visas categories to see which one might be suitable for your trip to the United States. Do not be sure what kind of visas you need, try using the Visas Wizard. We kindly ask you to read thoroughly the procedures for the visas you are requesting, the directions are available in both English and Myanmar.

Use NIV's on-line scheduling system to validate, plan, cancel or modify your NIV interviewer-meeting. You' ll need the bar code number on your DS-160 Citizen Application Form. Candidates who cannot reach the appointments system, who do not have a bar code number, or who are in urgent need of travelling, especially college undergraduates, should send their requests to

Provide your full name, the type of visas you are requesting, your case number (if applicable) and your name. For an immigrating entry visas at the embassy, please visit If you have not yet been contacted by the National Visas Center (NVC), please be aware that we cannot respond to any queries about your case.

There will be no response to phone requests from people applying for visas outside these days/times. Which is a Visum? As a rule, a non-U.S. national wishing to visit the United States must first apply for a U.S. type visas, which are included in the traveler's identity card, a tourist card that has been made out by the traveler's state.

A number of certain travellers may enter the United States without a valid U.S. passport if they qualify for visa-free travel. However, some countries do not require a U.S. passport. This website's section on US vizas covers US vizas for foreigners wishing to enter the United States. Please note: US nationals do not require a US passport for travelling, but when travelling abroad, a US passport may be required from the embassy of the destination state.

Candidates should not be received more than 15 mins before the date. Vehicles are not permitted in the embassy area. The Embassy is only open to those applying for visas with approved dates, unless the application is underage and is attended by a parent/guardian.

In order to best safeguard the United States, the State Department administers the immigration procedure in a strict but fair manner. Our commitment is to the necessary frankness for which the United States has always been known. Travels to the United States are welcome and promoted. To you, the person applying for a visas, we pledge that:

You will be treated with honour and esteem, even if we cannot give you a valid visas. We' ll remind you that a face-to-face can be a new or daunting event for you and that you may be upset. We' ll use the restricted amount of your speaking hours to get a complete idea of your trip itinerary.

To help all candidates get a fair schedule so that they can make timely trips for work, studies and other important commitments, we will use our available funds. Details and details of visas and how to apply will be published on each website of the Embassy and Consulate. You can find out about non-immigration waits at all embassies and consulates at

We' ll tell you the reasons for refusing a visit. Students, we will make every reasonable attempt to arrange an appropriate date and, if eligible, a permit to begin school. We will provide travelers with appropriate tools to make it easier to conduct corporate trips and speed up cases that are of particular importance to U.S. companies.

Simultaneously we are expecting you, the person applying for a visa: Schedule your trip and your visas as far in as possible in the forefront. Fill in your resume completely and precisely. Be prepared for your conversation by describing your intention clearly and succinctly.

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