Us Embassy Myanmar Jobs

We Embassy Myanmar Jobs

To find current jobs, use the links below to the organisation, department or office. Do you want to know more about us? Log in to your account or become a free member to see all jobs. Canadian Embassy in Myanmar Facebook. Locate all available housekeeper jobs in Myanmar (Burma).


Please click on the link below to see all vacancies and to submit your application for the vacancies you qualify for. Please note: If the job is open for both full and T grades, it is important that you are applying for both full and graduate grades to be eligible for the job that meets all the skill levels set by the Talent Recruitment Unit.

Candidates who fulfil all the criteria in the full proficiency levels will be taken into account first. It is your obligation to send in a full on-line job description with all necessary documentation by the closing date of the respective position. If you do not comply with the directions, your resume will be invalid. Please note: New job advertisements will be announced in the afternoons.

Job advertisements that are to be closed will be removed by the middle of the night of the registration period. It is recommended that you send in your resume before the end of the period. Candidates in recruitment preference category are enhanced by a recruitment preference in the order specified. It' important that these candidates describe their exact job applicant state.

Otherwise it may be established that the candidate is not suitable for a recruitment priority.

Embassy of the United States in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)

Displaying 1-10 of 60 reviews, newest first. My dear father and mother, I apologise for the size and with great reverence and hopefully, I ask for help from the generously generouse, I sincerely wish the philanthropists are willing to pay or pay me $10,800 dollars into my orbit. If not, I have to help my people. I have to help my people.

I' ve done this to rescue my people. My husband, my mother and my kids. Name of the owner of the account: I really sincerely trust that you are magnanimous in helping me. Hopefully your answer is still looking for work! I' ve almost 3 years of tour driving experiance. I am a sailor until now. i work in E/R. i have safety expertise before i become a sailor. i work on GSO, also for public workers and part-time protection for some US diplomats home. i want to work back on embassy. my touch no:09254374553.Pls touch me.ths.

I' m looking for Us Embassy driving position, my professional 3 years I have " G " grade Iisence. If you need a message, please call my telephone +95942107444493, e-mail: my answer us message inwaiting. You are invited to exchange your views with the American Embassy - get a visa and other information, locate the property and so on.

As your remarks can be viewed by the general public, we ask that you do not provide any personal information. The website is not run by the Embassy and your remarks and queries are not necessarily seen by your employees.

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