Us Embassy Myanmar

We Embassy Myanmar

The innovative collaboration was selected to design, develop and install a new audio system for the U.S. Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar. The American Embassy is one of Yangon's most famous sights. Time line - Culture - People - Contact - Directions - Career.

Filipino Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar. Embassy of the United States in Rangoon, Myanmar.

U.S. Citizen Services

From 2 January 2018, Konsular Section guests will no longer be allowed to take along their own electronics (PEDs) or fluids to the Embassy premises. These guidelines are valid for both US citizens and US citizens. There will be no more available in the message. Included in the range of products are computer, laptop, radio, mobile phone, smartphone, iPad, iPlayer and other tablets, hand-held games, intelligent clocks and portable exercise equipment.

Wasserfontänen are available in the reception room of the consulate. All news and warnings for US attendees in Burma.

Studies & Exchange

United States support global literacy and welcome overseas scholars and exchanges. United States support global literacy and welcome overseas scholars and exchanges. Student and alumni must be approved by their school or sponsor before they can apply for a student or alumni entry permit. A visitor's permit (B) can be used for brief leisure-studies.

Enrolment in a brief leisure course of studies that does not serve as an accreditation for a diploma or university diploma is allowed with a visitors' Visa (B). A course of studies that leads to a diploma or certification awarded in the USA is not allowed with a visitors' Visa (B-Visa), even if it is only valid for a brief period of time.

A correspondence course, for example, which covers a certain amount of coursework on the US site of the institute, will require an F-1 visum. Please see the Department of State website for more information on studying and foreign students' foreign students permits. They need a college or college students permit to enter the United States. The course of studies and the kind of schools you wish to go to will decide whether you need an F-1 or an M-1 or not.

Visa M: Attendance at a professional or other recognised non-university establishment, with the exception of a course of study. Exchanges Visa (J-1) are non-immigrant visa applications for persons admitted to the United States for participation in exchanges.

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