Us Dollar to Myanmar Kyat Converter

Usd Dollar to Myanmar Kyat Converter

Translation of US dollars to Myanmar Kyats (USD/MMK). Display charts, general conversions, historical exchange rates and more. Banque fédérale de réserve et Banque centrale du Myanmar. It converts the US dollar (USD) to Myanmar Kyat (Burmese Kyat) (MMK). In Yangon, many restaurants currently display their prices in dollars.

00 to MMK

They' ve turned 1000 dollars into MMK: 1,408,540.00 Myanmar Kyat's. We used the international exchange rate for this operation: Please use the currency conversion tool on the right to translate US dollars into other currency. When you want to know cash equivalent of 1000 US dollars in other currency, see "In other currencies".

This converter uses the international exchange rates. The exchange rates are updated hourly.

Foreign Currency Converter - United States Dollar (USD) to Myanma Kyat (MMK) | Foreign Currency Translation

It converts the US dollar (USD) to Myanmar Kyat (Burmese Kyat) (MMK). United States Dollar (USD) is the U.S. dollar. Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa and its non-incorporated, non-organized areas of the United States Minor Territory are also using it, as are EI Salvador, Panama and Ecuador.

US dollars are also known as the American dollar and the US dollar. It is denominated in US dollars and the monetary sign is $ or US$. It is denominated in 10 or 100 euro centimes (singular: penny; symbol: or c) or 1000 million (for bookkeeping purposes).

Commonly used US dollar coin values are 1¢, 5¢, 10¢ (1 dime), 25¢ (1 quarter). U.S. dollar notes commonly used have a face value of US$ 1, US$ 5, US$ 10, US$ 20, US$ 50, US$ 100. It is the most widely supported reserves and the most widely quoted in the Forex markets, after the Euro (EUR), the JPY and the GBP.

Myanmar Kyat (MMK) is the local money of Myanmar (Burma). It is denominated in MMK and the monetary sign is K (singular or plural) or Ks (plural). Myanmar -Kyat (Burmese Kyat) is divided into 100 different types of kyat (singular: pya). Commonly used Myanmar Kyat Chinese Kyat are available in Denominations K1, K5, K10, K50, K100, 1ppa, 5ppa, 10ppa, 25ppa, 50ppa.

Commonly used Myanmar Kyat (Burmese Kyat) notes are denominated in K1, K5, K10, K20, K50, K100, K200, K500, K1000, K5000, K10000, 50pya.

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