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United States Campaign for Burma (USCB) is a US-based member organization that emerged from the Free Burma Coalition founded by Maung Zarni. U.S. campaign for Burma, Washington, District of Columbia. US campaign on Burma to promote democracy.

Ngo. Electronic. Electronic. The Burma Campaign UK works for human rights, democracy and development in Burma.

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United States Campaign for Burma (USCB) is a US-based member organisation that emerged from the Free Burma Coalition established by Maung Zarni. Its mission is to enable grass-roots militants around the globe to end the Burma war. USCB is working to ensure that exiled Americans and Myanmar diasporas support Burma's liberty, democratization and respect for its people and increase people' s understanding of the immense violation of Burma's humanitarian law through community information, management training programs, meetings and advocacy work.

USCB's missions are to establish a wide ranging government of grass-roots and institutionally committed to the cause of Burma's liberty. Today USCB continues to be involved in the community and through its newsletters, but does not operate a local office or payroll. Strengthening the positions of Burma's legitimate leader, Nobel Peace Prize winner Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the newly democratic National League for Democracy, by reducing the civilian, civic, international and policy-makers' veins of life in the reigning army jungle; providing information on Burma's current financial, humanitarian and economical crises.

U.S. Campaign for Burma is a 501(c)3, tax-exempt organisation, so all contributions are tax-deductible. This organisation consists of persons who subscribe to the mailinglist on-line. Contributions are welcome, but there is no vote. USCB's management is made up of defenders of fundamental freedoms. Burma's management and employees are trying to raise Burma's image and help find resolutions to the country's decade long war.

USCB's central asset is the cooperation between Americans and exiled Myanmarissidents. Everyone can take part in USCB. You' ll get email alerts, regular email alerts and campaign participation by just logging in through the website. U.S. campaign for Burma home page.

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