Us and Myanmar

We and Myanmar

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Myo-Naing Win was born in the village of Hnin Gye, Ye Phyu Township. Myanmar has type C, D, F and G sockets. See the following pictures.

USA and Myanmar strengthen their commitment to the army

As part of Washington's effort to persuade the Tatmadaw to become a civil watched criminal intelligence team, the United States is planning to start a full scale deployment with Myanmar by the end of this months, said US Attorney General Derek Mitchell. In a speech in Yangon on 1 August, alongside Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Strategic Communications Advisor for Strategic Communications, who was on a three-day trip to Myanmar, Mr Mitchell said that the first militarily committed will concentrate on humanitary matters, the professionalization of officers and people.

This commitment will be taken over by the Defense Institute for International Legal Studies, an organization of defense attorneys located in Rhode Island and working for the US Department of Defense. They recently completed a pre-departure to Myanmar - a tour that Mr Mitchell said was greeted with enthusiasm by the Tatmadaw group.

Mr Mitchell did insist, however, that there was no definite "roadmap" for warfare. Instead, he said that collaboration depended on the continued reforms initiated by President U Thein Sein and that the US was "not even close" to Myanmar's weapons purchases or operative formation of Forces.

Accompanying the Yangon presidential visit in November 2012, he is considered the key driver behind the White House's policies towards Myanmar. "We will not be able to see a consolidation of this[military] commitment unless we see continuous improvement in the reforms and.... a lasting transformation in the sense of an integrative democracy society," Mr Rhodes said.

Washington not only wants to enhance its professionality, but also encourages the Tatmadaw to give up 25 per cent of Myanmar's parliamentary re-elect. The US has so far largely ignored the army in its policies towards Myanmar, concentrating instead on providing foreign assistance and promoting trade relations by relaxing penalties.

A defense attachee was always entertained at the diplomatic mission, however, and Mr Mitchell also conducts periodic interviews with Myanmar's top leaders as part of what the message refers to an "ongoing discussion" on possible future strategic alliances. US MRA is following the UK government's early June move to deploy a panel of specialists to investigate how the British army can help Myanmar.

This evaluation followed a recent meeting of Sir David Richards, Chief of Staff. The US, however, has also made clear its intent to focus on members of the army whom it thinks it is departing from its course of reforms. Commenting on the decision, US Under Secretary of State for Terrorism and Financial News David Cohen said the US administration was dissatisfied with one person, but that Myanmar as a whole "continues to take constructive action to break off its multilateral relations with North Korea".

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