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Prior to flying with your beloved pet, please read our US Airways Pet Policy Guide, which lists the restrictions and available accommodations. The last US Airways service will close the curtains on another large carrier. It' goodbye to US Airways. On Friday evening, one of the most historic airlines in the USA faded with the 1939 aircraft. San Francisco - Philadelphia red-eye represents the last takeoff under the name US Airways, as the fusion with America is nearing its conclusion.

Just after departure from San Francisco at 21:55 PT, American will standardize its own reservation system for the services of bothlines. After landing in Philadelphia, planned for 6:18 ET, there will be no further US Airways services. American Airways will go down in the annals of nostalgia.

The 1939 airshow is due to begin on Friday in Philadelphia, a traditionally US Airways fortress. The Airbus A321 - still in US Airways colours - will fly from there to Charlotte, which has become the airline's busy hub over the last ten years. The next step is Phoenix - the former head office of the 2004 America West fusion alliance.

In 1939, the plane departs for San Francisco and is the last US Airways plane to return to Pennsylvania. The Americans will celebrate the last night with a party at the gates at every stop. On the last departures from San Francisco, US Airways' name will be cheered on with a sparkling wine sauce on board.

"Our aim was to make it a unique event for our staff and our clients. "The number of the plane is also ingrained. Originally, the San Francisco-to-Philadelphia was supposed to be operating as Schedule 434. In August, however, the airline changed its airline number to 1939. This was the first year of operations for All American Aviation, a small air mail organization headquartered in Pennsylvania, which was to develop into a local actor called Allegheny Airlines.

Allegheny revamped his name in 1979 and adopted USAir to mirror the airline's increasing footprint after having grown in prior consolidations with Mohicans and See Central Airlines. In 1997, the name of the business was renamed US Airways before merging with America West in 2005.

Now the name US Airways is about to disappear. The US Airways booking system goes off shortly after noon on Saturday mornings. The US Airways website will soon be up. And, at the country's most recent corporate jets, airlines' employees will start to remove the US Airways brand at major international airfields on Friday. Our aim is to have American Airlines signs in place when our flight starts again on Saturday mornings.

Some US Airways items are hanging a little longer. All aircrafts will have to be painted in the colours of the new American by the end of 2016. US Airways' en-route crew uniform will stay in place until the introduction of the new crew uniform, which is also anticipated for next year.

US spokesperson Thomas warned that the company still had a few things to do "behind the scenes", even though the US Airways trademark was fading. "It' s done for the clients, but there's still a great deal of backstage work to do on integration," says Thomas. With regard to the 1939 trip, the US spokesperson Ross Feinstein says that the company has a "strong demand" from clients who want to be on the plane - especially from the San Francisco-Philadelphia route.

Mr. Feinstein says that the "vast majority" of those on the air seem to be air travel fans and avgeees who want to experience the last US Airways outing. The 1939 trip will have a particular significance for Mark Littell. LITLITELL was raised in the shade of Pittsburgh International Park when he was still an airlines crossroads in the 1990s.

"The majority of the people in my parish were directly affected by the stroke there, and I finally worked in franchises at the airport's US Airways station when I was in high schools. "This has resulted in a relationship with the carrier that continues to this very day. However, when he saw that the 1939 trip was the last US Airways reservation, he reserved a plane pass "to take one last flight".

While Littell is pleased that US Airways will become part of the world's largest carrier, he admits that "it will be a pity if the memory of the name US Airways fades". "But Littell says: "It really is the people who make an air carrier, and I know that the people at US Airways will be a great asset to the new American.

" 2001 saw the purchase of TWA and the deletion of the TWA name from the air lists. US Airways merges with US West Airlines four years later. Delta purchases Northwest in 2008, followed by the Continental/United tie-up two years later. Southwest will purchase AirTran in 2011, while US has applied for chapter 11 to reorganize the company's debts and outlay.

American and US Airways amalgamated to become the biggest carrier in the global air transport market in 2013, with only four large airlines left.

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