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Information from the Embassy and Consulate of Uruguay. If you are visiting, studying, working or living in Uruguay. Uruguay UK assistance and services. Uruguayan embassies and consulates. Embassies and consulates in Uruguay.

Alert and messages

ACS is a unit that provides passport issuance, registration of U.S. nationals native to Uruguay, notarial service, information for federal benefits, and aid to U.S. nationals detained in Uruguay and to the relatives of Americans who die during a visit or stay in Uruguay. When you plan to visit Uruguay, you should first check the country specific information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and enroll your trip through the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

All news and warnings for US attendees in Uruguay.


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Uruguay UK assistance and service

Provides the ability to revoke a missing pass, reissue a pass and request an accident management paper. Travelling counseling included and how to get a wedding abroad. Contains health care accessibility, legalization of a medical record, list of attorneys and election abroad. Contains how to make taxes, draw a state pension and receive income taxes abroad.

Contains how to get remarried, lists of undertakers and how to record a childbirth abroad. Comprises investments and the establishment of a company in the UK and operations in Uruguay. Contains contacts, opening times and consulate charges as well as additional information on our service.

?uruguay (Oriental Republic)

Southafrica' s embassy in Montevideo was opened in April 1968, when the first ambassador arrived in June 1968. During 1968-1986, the standard of the mission in Montevideo stayed the same. From 1987 to May 1997, when Ambassador AX Nkomo (based in Buenos Aires) was named non-resident ambassador to Uruguay, the Republic an Uruguayan Mission was often at the Chargà d'Affaires site.

There has been significant growth in the relationship between Uruguay and Southern Africa since the nomination of the non-resident Ambassador in 1997. Among these were the 1998 trip of the deceased Uruguayan Vice-President Dr Hugo Batalla to Southern Africa, the October 1998 trip of the deceased Foreign Minister of the Republic of Africa Alfred Nzo to Uruguay, the official trip of the Uruguayan Minister of Transport to Southern Africa in October 1997 and the last one to Uruguay in August 2000 of the Deputy Minister Aziz Pahad.

There is currently no Sudanese embassy in Uruguay. It is strongly recommended that foreigners who travel abroad do not engage in any activity that may or are unlawful abroad. When leaving the country, please bear in mind that you are not covered by the law and constitution of the state.

She can also try to make sure that you are dealt with in a humane manner, i.e. in accordance with the relevant agreement to which the host Member State has ascribed you. Uruguay's currency denomination is the Uruguayan Peso (UYP). Please consult a South African embassy for further information. Up-to-date information on South Africa's and Uruguay's trade figures can be found on the website of the South African Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

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