Urdu News Pepar

Urdu News Pepar

The Urdu newspaper Samaa is one of the leading newspapers in the country. Newspaper from Urdu published in Hyderabad, India. Everyday news in digital form, ePaper in Urdu together with a historical collection of ePaper archives. ELAN" Urdu News Paper, Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. Articles about Daily "ELAN" Urdu News Paper.

Samaa Urdu daily newspaper online Islamabad Lahore Karachi

The Urdu-Zeitung Samaa is one of the countrys foremost newspapers. It is published from the major Pakistani towns such as Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. ABC Newspapers is a well-known name. Available in Urdu, this day ticket is available in all parts of the world. The Samaa Urdu Zeitung is the most important resource for topical and topical news, both locally and internationally.

Everyday Samaa delivers Breaking News, Home News, Top News, Politics News, Sport News, Business Upgrades, showbiz news and amusement sections. SAMAABAR or Gazette contains 12 large pages, which costs only S10. The daily sama a urdu paper is also available on the web for on-line reading or viewing. In order to view the daily paper Sama Urdu on-line, users can go to their own page: www.samaa.tv.

At the same time, this site is the last issue of the newsletter on daily samaa. Samaa's news department updates its website with a new or current issue on a regular base. The Samaa Urdu also offers job ads on a recurring base.

Daily Siasat Urdu Hyderabad

The Siasat Urdu Daily Hyderabad, SiasatUrdu Daily Publish from Hyderabad India, Siasat Epaper, Siasat Online, Siasat Expaper on Web, Siasat News, Urdu News about Indian Minority Issue, Urdu Charminar, Urdu is the Pakistani language and one of the two Pakistani legal tongues, the other is English and is widely spread and widely used. The state tongues (languages in different regions) are the provinceian.

Of the Pakistanis only 8% talk Urdu. Though English is used in most elitist communities and Punjabi has a large number of mother tongue teachers, Urdu is the lingua franca and local tongue in Pakistan. It is also one of the recognised india dialects and is an offical one in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and the capitol New Delhi.

Jammu and Kashmir, section 145 of the Kashmir constitution: "Urdu is the state' s sole authority, but unless otherwise provided by the legislature, it shall remain the sole authority for all formal use of the state for which it was used immediately before the beginning of the Constitution".

Urdu's importance in the Islamic word is evident in the sacred towns of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, where most information signs are printed in Arabian, English and Urdu and sometimes in other tongues. more.......

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