Ural Rex

Urals Rex

Pictures, description breed Ural Rex cats, characteristic of breeding and care at home Compared with other species breed Ural Rex especially. Urals Rex. Foundation male Vasiliy. Selkirk Rex kitten of the year Dramatails Goodbye Girl of Zoomies With a thick coat of woolly looking curls, the Selkirk is sometimes called a cat in sheep's clothing. Urals Rex Shorthair, Ural Rex Longhair.

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Describtion Ural Rex cats, photos contents

In comparison to other types Ural Rex is different above all from its other inner, outer characteristics and is one of the young. The most housecat enthusiasts favour the members of this race. Urals Rex differ in their high immitetnymi grade, good rug that is not irritating to people susceptible to aversions.

Great house for a great representative of the race that is easily to make buddies with your baby and lucky to be able to meet with all your buddies or mates. Animals too vivacious, cheerful, curious and well-hunted. When looking after the Ural Rex kittens, one should consider a little: the most important thing is to comb the fur continuously with a specific comb, seldom but thoroughly rinse cats' shampoos for children or kittens with a soft formulation for the fur, to create a dietary feed and not to mention to remember to add the obligatory vitamin for more developing domestic animals.

Right now the Ural cat owner has the opportunity to educate a crude representative of the race because researchers are planning to establish new entities. In terms of conformational features, the race has similar characteristics: well-formed, relief-like, tinted corpus; middle-sized tails over the whole length without swelling and round at the end; small sized legs, slender, bright, sturdy and with ovate legs; pet heads like an equal-sided rectangle are broad; large, broad carapace with distinct cheek bones and contours; sturdy, round skull; a large, round skull; a large, round paw; a small skull; a small, slender, bright, slender, bright, sturdy foot with elliptic jaw; an elliptic paw;

on the widely-used medium sized, high, rectilinear and at the root of the wide set of ear, the ends of which are round; the shape of the race has a flat border in the area of the lower lid; large -area and slightly sloping cat-like almonds with a colour almost always in harmony with a hint of the fur; even a rug generously covering all corrugated, thin and limb hair.

Ural Rex pets is distinguished as mid-size, adorable pets, perfect for living at home in practically any setting, the primary thing to give them the necessary loving and warm-up.

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