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Burma'militarizes' Rohingya towns in Rakhine, says Amnesty

Amnesty International reports that Myanmar is carrying out a "military conquest " on shore in the state of Rakhine, where Rohingya once was. Referring to sat photos and testimonies, the legal group says that the communities have been occupied by bulldozers since January to make room for new infrastructures. A spokesman for Amnesty said that this "alarming" militarization removes proofs of crime against Rohingya.

Myanmar's administration has not yet responded to the newsflash. Previously, it asked for "clear evidence" to endorse UN claims that it may have committed "genocide" against the Rohingya. The new Amnesty says that the image the new story shows is "only partially, but the current state of affairs gives cause for grave concern about its impact on the futures of the hundred thousand Rohingya.... and the ten thousand who still reside in the region".

Myanmar's army started a force mission in the state of Rakhine in August following fatal assaults on policing posts. She said it was tough on rebels, but there are accounts of wide-spread violation of people' s freedoms, murders and the cremation of people. Since then, some 700,000 Rohingya - a predominantly Moslem majority - have escaped to neighboring Bangladesh and have joined the group of former violent migrants.

In January, Bangladesh and Myanmar reached an agreement on a return schedule that would bring the latest departures back to Myanmar within two years. Amnesty' s Rakhine State reports that the area is being militarized "at an alarmingly fast pace" together with the new civil infrastructures for thereturners. "Amnesty International's Head of Crisis Response, Tirana Hassan, said: "New support stations are being built to host the same peacekeepers who have perpetrated human ity abuses against Rohingya.

"that the Rohingya refugees' volunteer, secure and worthy returns are even further away." They say new installations for police and road infrastructure have been constructed around places where Rohingya towns once existed, indicating that the area could be used to house more police. In terrorizing whole communities, the agencies are also deleting "evidence of crime against mankind and making further efforts to bring those in charge to justice extraordinarily difficult," Ms. Hassan said.

It said that developments in Rakhine, one of Myanmar's impoverished states, were "urgently needed", but that they "must be beneficial to all in the state, regardless of ethnic origin, and not tighten the current system of apartheid against the Rohingya people". Since Rakhine is largely isolated from UN agents, legal groups and press organizations, it is not possible to review such accounts on an independent basis.

Rohingya are refused nationality and equality of opportunity by the Myanmar administration, which says they are unlawful migrants, and they are largely scorned by the predominantly Buddhist people.

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