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The University of Yangon in Kamayut, Yangon, is the oldest university in Myanmar's modern educational system and the best-known university in Myanmar. Yangon University, Pyay Road, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). The University of Yangon in Kamayut, Yangon, is the oldest university in Myanmar's modern educational system and the best-known university in Myanmar. Revaluation of some hoofed animals from the Eocene Pondaung Formation, Myanmar. Locate hotels near the University of Yangon, Myanmar online.

Yangon University

URC is made up of highly qualified engineers and professionals who are teachers, extraordinary teachers, lecture staff and teaching staff for the fields of physic, chemical, botanical and zoological sciences. Lab equipment and equipment is run by a research and technical staff allocated to the Centre by Yangon University and other universities.

URC has a wide variety of scientific knowledge and is available for discussions on research issues and technological developments. URC is situated on Convocation Road, the central site of the University of Yangon. Providing research institutions and technological assistance for research work that leads to the award of Master's, Master's, Doctorate and Divisional degree programs.

The Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (KFAS) and the University of Yangon began working together in 2001 as part of the KFAS Foundation's one-year research and development programme, the KFAS Foundation-ISEF. 25 Myanmar fellows have been selected over the past eleven years. Following the start of the cooperation, the two institutes founded the Asia Research Centre at the University of Yangon (ARC-UY) in August 2002.

This center aims to offer research fellowships and scientific assistance to Myanmar scientists at regional levels. The URC offers courses and further education to promote the engineers and intelligentsia needed by universities. There are also offers engineering courses to help scientists understand advanced lab equipment.

From 5 June 2004 to 15 June 2004, members of the Myanmar police were familiarised with the URC's research tools. From 21.11.2005 to 28.11.2005 and from 19.3.2012 to 30.3.2012 URC held trainings on the operations and applications of sophisticated research instrument. Firstly, the study analyses research students' specimens for their doctoral theses at the University of Yangon and other universities in Myanmar and interprets the results obtained.

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Yangon University (also Yangon University; Burmese: ?????? ?????????, pronounced[jà??ò?? t??k??ò]; formerly Rangoon College, Rangoon University and Rangoon Arts und Science University), based in Kamayut, Yangon, is the oldest university in Myanmar's contemporary educational system and the best-known university in Myanmar. Most of the courses offered by the University are Bachelor and Master's, Master's, Postgraduate and Ph. D. programmes in the fields of fine art, science and jurisprudence.

After the 1996 protest by our fellow protesters, full-time bachelor's qualifications were no longer on offer. From 2014, the Bachelor's programme was again on offer to the best undergraduates. Nowadays, political science graduates are available for postgraduate studies in areas such as welfare work and ecology.

Yangon College in the early 1900s, before the mergers with Judson College. Though it was only visited by the elite of the time, the university was still at the center of the anticolonialism. Protesters were protesting against the UK government's scrutiny of Rangoon University and the Rangoon Law, which appointed the Rangoon University' governing body Registrar.

All three national strike actions against the UK COLONI GOV (1920, 1936 and 1938) began at the university. The Myanmar National Day[1] recalls the 1920 University of Rangoon student revolt in Burma. The university was the breeding ground of Burma's nationalist movement in the 1930' and produced a number of high-ranking political leaders of the country, such as General Aung San, U Nu, Ba Maw, Kyaw Nyein, Ba Swe, U Thant and Thein Pe Myint.

Following the 1962 Army putsch under General Ne Win and Burma's road to socialism, Rangoon University was directly subordinated to the Directorate of Higher Education, a key governance body, while previously it was headed by a board of teachers, scientists and policy-makers. The teaching media was also converted to Myanmar, a complete renunciation of English, which has been the teaching media of the university since its foundation.

The standard of learning declined significantly and national committees no longer recognised the qualifications awarded or obtained at the university. 4 ] The university was also re-named Rangoon Arts and Sciences University (abbreviated RASU) after certain divisions and schools (medicine, business, pedagogy, etc.) were split from the university in 1964. Former UN Secretary General U Thant passed away in November 1974, and on the date of his burial on December 5, 1974, Rangoon University scholars grabbed his casket on the Kyaikkasan Race Course and built a temporary tomb on the premises of the RUSU in protests against the RUSU that had not honored her illustrious compatriot with a state burial.

On December 11, the army invaded the college, killed some of the college kids, found the casket and laid to rest U Thant at the bottom of the Shwedagon Pagoda. The University of Yangon celebrates its diamond anniversary in a week-long ceremony that began on December 1, 1995. To celebrate the anniversary, the Chinese authorities erected Diamond Jubilee Hall, a four-storey facility on the university premises, which costs 630,000,000 K, and a new stamp collection was also made.

10 ] Former institutions and divisions (e.g. the Institute of Economics, Yangon, which was founded as a division at Yangon University), which had already split, also celebrate. After the transition to a new administration in 2011, a fresh emphasis on learning followed. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was appointed director of the Yangon University Upgrading and Restoration Committee in 2013.

In December 2013 the university was reopened for undergraduates. At first, only 50 were admitted. 3 ] A disputed national education act was passed in 2014. According to the Act, the University is run by the Ministry of Education, which also nominates the university' s Dean. The Yangon University is situated in Yangon, on the southwest shore of Inya Lake, the city's biggest lakes.

Situated on the intersection of Pyay Road and University Avenue Road in Kamayut Township, just north of Downtown Yangon. Yangon University's state-of-the-art Yangon School of Design was finished in 1920. It has two campsites, the Maine and Hlaing. The first is the best known. The Judson is a Baptist congregation and like Judson College, it' s called after Adoniram Judson, a 19 th centurysen' US misionary who put together the first Burmese-English lexicon.

There is also a meeting room on the central campsite. Every faculty has a bachelor's program. There are two courses of study offered by the International Relations Department: the Bachelor of Arts (International Relations) and the Bachelor of Arts (Political Science). The Yangon University provides bachelor's and post-graduate courses. Courses of study are divided into three categories:

Art (B. A.), Science (B. Sc.) and Law (LL. B). Pupils select the various areas of study at lower-secondary school, where they select specific courses geared to their higher educational background. Post-graduate qualifications are divided into three groups: Though YU no longer offering Bachelor's degree courses due to the 1996 insurgency, it has now been re-opened for the Bachelor's degree courses with the name (COE), which means "Center of Excellence" in literal translation, and only took on 50 outstanding selective undergraduates for each subject.

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