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Taunggyi Medical University

The rapid development of modern medicine on the Internet platform is now progressing at full speed. YSF Membership - Donate YSF - Member List - Home - About YSF - Offices & Units - Board Profiles - Affair Sectors - Affair Records - University Events - Donor Lists. Taunggui Medical University is located in Myanmar, Shan State, Taunggyi. Yangon University, Medical University, Taunggyi University, Bachelor of Arts. The Taunggyi University in Taunggyi is the most important university in Shan State, Myanmar.

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Included in this articel is the Myanmar alphabet. If you don't have correct rendered capabilities, you can see questions, checkboxes, or other icons instead of Burma's characters. 1.1 First year M.B., B.S. And in the last 4 courses there will be actual hands-on experiment. Taunggyi receives the first University of Medicine. is a stump.

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