University of Medicine Magway

Magway Medical University

Magway Medical University in Magway is one of five universities in Myanmar. Magway University of Medicine, Magway, Magway, Magway, Burma. Medical University, Magway also known as UMMG. Medical University, Magway Profile Video.

Medical University, Magway

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Magway Medical University. More than sixteen years have elapsed since the foundation of this university in 2001. It was founded by Professor Than Myint as its first rector. The second rector, with his untiring drive and excitement, coupled with his visions of Dr Maung Maung Win, had made so many people create the beautiful building and university.

I am honored to be rector of this university now because I know that today we have some of the best clinical and educational personnel in Myanmar so that our undergraduates can provide a first-rate medical training, especially with respect to its use in healthcare.

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Until December 2011, the university managed by the Ministry of Health was one of the most select in the state and hosts some 600 university entrance level enrolments each year outside the Yangon and Mandalay regions. Since it was the only medical university in the county to host medical faculty from the remainder of the county, the university was considered the most diversified economic, cultural and ethnic populations of medical faculty than Union University, ??????????? ??????????, among all Burma's medical university.

However, if education reform is begun under the new regime, the number of younger applicants will be cut to 99 (2012 December) and the younger graduates will come from Magway Region, Shan State(East), Rakhine State, Bago Region (West). Short-term undergraduates from Lower Myanmar will be transferred to the University of Medicine 2, Yangon, and those from Kachin State, Chin State and Sagaing Region to the University of Medicine Mandalay.

It was run by an academically trained faculty, known as the Rektor. In addition, the patients are sent to the clinic and surgery stations for 18 consecutive week work. Any state-run hospital in Myanmar that has at least 4 specialist clinics can be considered an internship.

After successfully completing the final exam Part II, all undergraduates must complete one year of practical education as home surgery in state-approved educational clinics in Yangon and/or in state and divisional hospitals[4]: They have to complete their education in one of the following cities:

House Officers may request transfers to Yangon and Mandalay Hospitals upon completing their training at the University of Medicine, Magway training clinics. At the end of the last part II the pupils should be able to do this:

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