University of Magway

Magway University

University of Magway, Magway, Magway, Burma. The Magway University is located in Magway. It is the very first edition of our university's profile video. Magway University of Medicine is a school.

Magway Top Universities | 2018 Myanmar University Ranking

The Magway University Ranking 2018, published by Magway University from 6 recognised Magway universities that meet the following uniqueRank eligibility criteria: from the best Magway universities founded on current, impartial and uninfluenceable web methodologies presented by third-party web intellectual resources and not by the universities themselves.

The University of Community Health

It is the primary goal of this educational institution to manufacture the healthcare assistants within a brief period (three years), while the physicians were educated for six years. Later in 1963 the academy was relocated a few kilometres northwards to Insein and in 1968 to Hlegu. It was placed under the Ministry of Public Works in 1989.

In 1991 the institute became the Institute of Communal Medicine and in 1995 it became a university and offers a four-year Bachelor's programme. At Htonpauk, on a 41.4 hectare site about 14.5 km from Magway and 3.2 km from Magway-Natmauk Road.

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Included in this articel is the Myanmar alphabet. If you don't have correct rendered capabilities, you can see questions, checkboxes, or other icons instead of Burma's characters. The Magway University (Burmese: ??? ??????????, pronounced[m??wé ?: t??k??ò]) is at Magway. The College of Magway was established on June 5, 1955. It was awarded the Degree College of Magway in 1982.

He was awarded a scholarship to the University of Magway on December 20, 1994. Starting in 2013, the diplomas were awarded in the conscription hangar on our college premises. It' on Taungdwin Road, in the southern part of Magway. The building consists of two components, the principal building and the annex.

As a rule, natural sciences and arts faculty members are majoring in the subject and the arts faculty is expanding. British learners attend classes in Shwe Gan Gaw (1). In the new building are the assembly room, the reading room, the recreational center and the research center.

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