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Burma's United Nations World Food Programme provides food and relief supplies to the needy in Burma. Myanmar has abundant natural resources and a dynamic population and continues to face slow economic growth. United Nations & International Organization. http://www.unesco.

org/bangkok. Adullah is a father of eight children from Buthidaung, in the northern part of Myanmar's Rakhine State. Genocidal cleansing in Myanmar.

Special Envoy warmly commends the Government of Myanmar and other parties for their cordial welcome and outstanding organisation of their visits.

Special Envoy warmly commends the Government of Myanmar and other parties for their cordial welcome and outstanding organisation of their visits. International Day of Peace, which is celebrated every year on 21 September, is the embodiment of our common desire to end the war in all its manifestations and to protect the fundamental freedoms of all the world.

Genuine freedom presupposes a commitment to the upholding of the basic and fundamental freedoms of all peoples in the rest of the underworld. In the name of freedom for all, let us promote the cause of all. In the absence of these terms, it welcomed the Myanmar government's commitment to take this first steps to tackle the causes of the Rakhine dispute.

He encouraged Myanmar to take significant action to put the deal into effect. Another key area of our work is the supply of staple foods for IDPs who have escaped conflict in 2011 and beyond. At the beginning we provided them with foods such as rices, coffee-bean, olive oils and salts.

There are those who try to make it simpler for transsexuals to recognise their family. Although these are seldom implemented, they nevertheless add to a hostile surrounding for LGBTI personnel. Mr President, I have followed with disquiet the accounts of a large number of civil victims resulting from the recent conflicts between the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Township Muse Township safety force in northern Shan State.

Myanmar's military conflicts continue to take a serious toll on Myanmar and I would like to extend my sincere sympathy to all those family members who have died in this outbreak. These may include up to 2,000 refugees from the townships of Awng Lawt, Sut Ring Yang and Sut Ra in Tanai township.

The civilian population includes not just mothers but also pregant and lactating mothers, as well as infants, the aged, the sick and wounded, who are in a serious position and in desperate need of emergency aid and shelter. Our transnational directives on the return of housing and property as well as on city and spatial planning give orientation for the city' s economic and social upturn.

Protecting people is at the heart of the guiding principles. Myanmar has made much effort to fulfil its contractual commitments since the ratification of the UNFCCC on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women in 1997, almost 21 years ago. The National Strategic Plan for the Advancement of Workers in Myanmar, for example, provides an integral way to improve the position of Myanmar's womens and girl population in order to achieve women's empowerment.

Simultaneously, as real Myanmar enthusiasts, we cannot disregard the challenge Myanmar faces. Congratulations to Myanmar for the key accomplishments - the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan, development aid policy and sector coordination groups - and for reaching them under the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the SDCs.

And we look forward to working with the Myanmar government as we move from words to deeds. Congratulate the government for calling this session and for the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan and its focus on the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 and the SDSs. "We are committed to providing immediate relief to those in need, regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnic origin, sex or citizenship," added Knut Ostby.

"Meanwhile, more than 40 per cent of the Rakhine population lives in extreme poverty, and we must help them with aid to get the state on the road to freedom and integrative inequality. The primary aim of this meeting, as mentioned in the newsletter, is to test the willingness of the NDMC and local government working groups to respond effectively to the possible impact of domestic catastrophes, an example that has been selected in this case as a large Mandalay seismic disaster in consultation with other parties.

Talks concerned the expansion of the existing emergency clinic in Sittwe, the delivery of healthcare at Thet Kel Pyin refugee camps, which is to be closed as part of the Rakhine Advisory Commission's recommendation process, and medical assistance for returning people, in particular maternity and maternity leave and childhood.

We call for the right to non-violent gathering and free speech to be respected and call on police and protesters to act with caution and to prevent further acts of force. There are terrible breaches of international humanitarian law. There is an increase in nationality, racial ism and hostility to foreigners. Congratulations to the government and Myanmar community for this tremendous work.

That is why I acknowledge the support of those who have been supporting this over a period of almost five years, both through funding and in the form of financial and technological aid. and we have a right to honesty and fairness. Those privileges are important to all of us, every single one. So shortly after the Holocaust and the Second World War, the treaty represented a joint commitment to protecting humanity from cruelty and preventing such horrors.

It is often the climax of years of marginalisation, refusal of respect for mankind and other grievances. I am very pleased to be speaking today as we are once again seeing the days when we are celebrating the skills of PwD. It has been an important event for the disabled since 1993 - 24 years.

This topic encourages us to renew our attachment to the key principles of Agenda 2030 and the goals of sustainable development (SDGs) of the world. Especially in the areas of training, economic development and jobs, disparities and accessibility of people' s communities, among others. Mr Ostby will succeed Renata Lok-Dessallien, who will take up a further position at Head Office after her term of office in Myanmar.

It participated in the signature of Myanmar's historical National Ceasefire Agreement and held meetings with the undersigned ethnical organisations. The EU will also press for an end to the violent situation in the north of the State of Rakhine to allow full and unrestricted universal donor support and to guarantee the secure, worthy and sustained returns of internally displaced persons and displaced persons to their places of provenance.

and her team. He is a staunch supporter of respect for people' s right, preventing conflicts and providing aid for humanity and aid for the state. Since the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army attacked Myanmar's military on August 25, the present situation has worsened continuously.

From then on, the refugees have become the world's most rapidly growing plight and a real philanthropic and civil law scornful. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Chairman, let me first of all thank the Government of the Republic of the Philippines for presiding over ASEAN on its centenary. The humans are hurt and furious.

There must be no group interest, nor must there be any threat to peacemaking, nor any threat to our ambitions or our differences of opinion. It is the right and the wish of all human beings. and the Secretary-General is extremely worried by the death of civil persons during the Rakhine State military operation in Myanmar. Reaffirming the importance of tackling the causes of violent acts and the responsibilities of the Myanmar government to offer relief and needs.

He wholeheartedly endorses the suggestions of Kofi Annan's reports and calls on the government to do so. The Secretary-General acknowledges that Bangladesh has been receiving generous Myanmar nationals for many years and calls on the Burmese government to allow the Rohingya, who are escaping violent attacks, to remain safe in Bangladesh.

Fiercely condemning the attack on Myanmar's military personnel in the north of Rakhine State. He has been following carefully the development in Rakhine State and is worried about the escalation of tension in the area. While the Secretary-General emphasises the need for the necessary action by the police to contain the assaults of criminals in the area, the civilian population must be protected at all hours in accordance with the principles of respect for public humanitary justice and respect for people.

In the sharpest possible condemnation of the co-ordinated attack on Myanmar's internal Myanmar police in the early morning of 25 August in the north of the state of Rakhine. We' re extremely worried about the safety of the state of Rakhine. Burma is undergoing a threefold transformation - from warmongering to peacefulness, from militarily governed to democratic and from a cohesive to an open free will.

Although they have significant mineral reserves and a strategically located geographical area between India and China, many opportunities to develop are there. Strengthening human beings, building nations". That does not alter the Resident Coordinator's terms of reference. The World Refugee Day is an express of our sympathy with those who have been displaced from their homeland by either warmongering or harassment.

Yangon - April 1] An estimated 2. 3 million group faculty choice their negotiator for 19 legislature room present in by-elections kept in 8 States and Regions - Bago, Chin, Kayah, Mon, Rakhine, Sagaing, Shan and Yangon. They will fill the vacancies of deputies in the Amoytha Hluttaw and Pyithu Hluttaw who have taken leading roles in either the administration or the judicial system; the deputies who have died; or because there were some electoral districts that were expelled from the 2015 general election for safety reasons.

"Congratulations to the government and Myanmar on achieving average levels of humanitarian progress, the HDI said. HDI does not only measure the rate of economical expansion, but also the qualitative aspect of our performance in relation to our personal well being. Myanmar's performance is the result of years of work and merits our sincere awe.

My dear media friends, it is about fundamental liberties, about the freedom to realise our personal growth and our personal developmen. This index of social developments is a measure of social change on the basis of a number of prestigious standards that go beyond pure GNP or other incomes or financial prosperity. She felt that her work, which is usually done by men in Myanmar, also had to take a punch for sexes.

World AIDS Day focuses on Myanmar - a paradigm for other emerging countries on how to put in place policies to end the AIDS pandemic as a major concern for human rights by 2030. The National AIDS Programme, Myanmar Anti-Narcosis Association, Alliance on HIV/AIDS and Aye Myitta Association. Gender Equality and Women's Rights in Myanmar" Die Publikation " Gender Equality and Women's Rights in Myanmar :

This is a useful time to think about the ideals of peacemaking within and between all nations and nations and to think about Myanmar's own perspectives for a sustainable one. Nearly five years have passed since the reignition of the Kachin and Shan state conflicts in Myanmar, which forced the population to leave their houses in order to ensure the security of the displaced persons camp.

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