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YANGON 7/7/2007: According to an officer of the Ministry of Transport, two 30-year-old Puma choppers (see below) that are so run-down that they can no longer be repaired are being auctionsed. They''As is, where is'' are for sale in a Yangon International Hanger. "If Myanmar's locals can buy it according to these regulations and regulations, we will take their offers," said an air carrier officer.

There are approximately 20 Myanma Airways flights to national airports. SA 330 Puma was initially designed by Sud Aviation to satisfy the French Army's requirements for a medium-size all-weather heliport. The Royal Air Force (RAF) and with the name Puma HC Mk. 1. Following this ruling, SA 330 was incorporated into a manufacturing arrangement between Aerospatiale and Westland Helicopters of the UK.

The SA 330J Puma received the award on 25 April 1978 to be the first chopper outside the (then) Soviet Union to be certified for all-weather missions, even under freezing temperatures. The Eurocopter Super Puma. The SA 330 B: First series produced model for use in the MAF. The SA 330 was modificated to support an "orchid" monitoring system for the Swiss Army.

The SA 330 C: First exported edition. S330E: Westland Helicopters for the RAF under the name HC Mk 1. The SA 330 F: First commercial engine powered by Turbomeca Turmo IIIC4. Three-section SA 330 G: Improved commercial model with Turbomeca Turmo IVC power units and assembled primary turbine blade.

S A 330 H: Improved French army and exported with Turbomeca IVC power units and assembled primary turbine blade. The French Air Force calls it SA 330B. S330J: Improved civilian transportation model. S330L: Extended model for so-called "hot and high" environments. S330 S: Exportversion for the Portugese Air Force.

It is a completely overhauled and modernized SA 330 Puma, which was constructed for the South African Air Force. It is a model manufactured by IPTN Indonesia under the NAS 330 J and the Aerospatiale SA 330 J name.

It is a licensed SA 330 Puma from ICA from Romania. érospatiale Puma is a medium-sized twin-engine transportation and commercial aircraft initially produced by Aérospatiale in France. Also known as SA 330. Information about a scheduled Air Myanmar carrier is included in this product or section.

AYM is a young carrier located in Yangon, Myanmar. Reykjavik (UMA) said it has purchased its first Boeing 747 and will be arriving in Myanmar, Burma, on October 28, 2003. The UMA was opened on 11 July 2003 by Sunshine Strategic Investment Holding(H.K.) Co. and Myanmar Airways. A Memorandum of Understanding was also agreed between Myanmar Airways and the Group.

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