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With an Android-friendly design optimized for smartphones and compatible with tablets, United Airlines is proud to offer the brand new United app. Stay up to date with the latest news and headlines from United Airlines. This fall, United Airlines is cancelling direct flights between Chicago and the Champaign region and two other cities. USA Airlines suspends animal cargo program after a series of missteps. Flight tickets, flight reservations, United Airlines flight tickets.

United Airlines on the App Store

We are happy to announce the launch of the United Mobile application. It is your essential travelling guide from the moment you book your flights to your aircraft and more. The first chance I had, I said "don't put to journey wallet" - because I was using the application for the first and had no clue what the journey was.

Since then, no matter what I do, turn off the travelling purse, etc. Suggest that you investigate the behaviour of the Alaska Airlines application - this is a really good airlines application! The next thing I did was click on the "support" button in the Apple Store - so I could file a message to fix it..... and I was directed to a page in my web site that told me about the functions of the application..... a non-mobile optimised page..... difficult to find on my cell/cellphone : -)

I' m sure United doesn't mean conveying the signal that their promotional material has a higher precedence than getting client feedbacks about mistakes.... but the latest thinking is at risk of clients getting that news..... I tried to use in-flight-entertainement on my iPhone on two different journeys without success.

I' m an IT engineer with a Ph. D. in Computer Sciences, so I'd like to think that I know a few things about how to make things work, but I've tried almost the whole plane to make the film work. Eventually I asked the cabin crew what the mystery was, and none of them knew it.

Somebody ran the system to make sure it was on and then came back to tell me that someone in first grade had it running on their iPad. Usually I am traveling for my work and all my applications and equipment are all fully upgraded, so I think this is just a bad application/system.

Clear it and instead airplane on American instead where the flats are newer and their material works as it should, otherwise the only conversation you are going to get is to spend your whole trip trying to get this application to download your film. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock. 2011 United Continental Holdings, Inc.

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