Unique Myanmar Restaurant Mandalay

Mandalay Unique Myanmar Restaurant

Myanmar is unique and offers a fresh view of traditional Burmese classics. It has a wide selection of cocktails, near the foot of Mandalay Hill, easily accessible during a tour of the nearby monasteries and the hill. The Mandalay serves a variety of dishes, from traditional rice and curry dishes to Eastern and Asian cuisine. Early in the morning we flew from Bagan to Mandalay, where the airport was new, modern and slightly larger. The Burmese food has its own unique taste, Sunthang said.

Mandalay's top 10 best restaurants

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Myanmar MinGaLaBar Restaurant

This 200-person meal dish is inspiring and offers a wide choice of pan-Asian dishes at reasonable rates. Under the name MinGaLaBar, Swe Pi & 76 Myanmar Traditional Curry, Noodle, Salad, Fry, Asiatic Meal and a constant flow of greedy travelers, we have 3 stands offering their way through the meal courtyard for delicious, genuine cuisine.

Eating and meeting

There is a good selection of Central Mandalay dining. In case of any doubts, most establishments in their roof top dining establishments serve different qualities of food, otherwise we would say: go your home! and your home in New Bagan for the best value for your money if not. You will see a number of similar restaurant types, most of which serve buffets, as well as a variety of barbeque and beers.

There are several currys or dahls served with chapatti and roti, while the air-conditioned café and pastry are a favourite with the people. In the middle class hotel on the eastern side of the city you will also find a number of relatively pricey diners catering to well-situated guests and travel groups.

Caffeinated people should go to Mr. Bread to enjoy a great concoction, juice and a choice of bakeries in their smarter climate café; this is a good place to get the workday underway. The Mandalay Donut on Route 78 is also very good and air-conditioned. If you' re a little far away from the train stations, visit it.

You can get pasta and paddy for about 2,000 to 3,000 cyat. On 81 st westbound, a branch of the Fudo store also offers coffee, juice and shortbread as well as a choice from its cakeshop. andalay has a great choice of cuisine. An awesome spring for inexpensive indigenous, mainly Hindu Muslims can be found along the 82nd St, where the section outside the Moscow between 27th and28th Streets becomes a pulsating evening fair once the afters.

Top is Nay (not an imperial plaque, but you can't miss it), on the corners 82 and 27 opposite the Unity Hôtel. Select your vegeterian choice and serve with dahli, peppermint spice gravy and chapatti for 1,200 to 1,500 cyat. Luckily it is only open from 4:00 pm, otherwise we would never have been able to eat anywhere else in Mandalay.

There are more good Currys around the street as well as rotters, filled murtabs and so on, while in the adjoining side roads there are other small cafés that serve various types of East German cakes. If you are a restaurant lndian, try the very good Pan Cherry on 81 East Street. For about 4,000 kyats they serve meals with curried meals, plus vegetable, paddy and bred.

You have a dining area on the ground floor or on the upper floor, but you go there for basic, well-prepared meals instead of decorations. There' another little overnight fair on 34-th Street between 76 and 77 every evening. These are mainly Chineses and Shan, so a lot of noodles.

Deep-froes and Shan pasta drowning in molten beans are a must, or try a Shan-like hot pot from one of the less untouched but very delicious places. That takes us to the many Shan Restaurant in Mandalay. Lashio Lay on Street 23, Golden Shan on Street 22 and Shan Ma Ma on Street 81 are the most used.

There is a first course and two different kinds of vegetables for 3,000 to 4,000 kyats, while the last two are served in a sideboard flavour. The room at the top of Golden Shan has A/C and the meal looks a little bit fresh than in some other rooms.

Longtime and beloved Lashio Lay has a large selection, while Shan Ma Ma Ma Ma has good open-air walking seats, is conveniently located for many and is very loved by local and outlanders. Since these Shan farms are serving pre-cooked meals, they may be better for lunches than dinners, but Shan Ma Ma Ma is also a good place for an afternoon ale and snacks, even if you don't eat.

Shwe Pyi Moe on66th Street is also very much loved by the natives, which is essentially an urban teashop, but offers a large selection of delicious regional dishes. They cost 1,500 to 2,000 kyats. It is only one brick from the south-east edge of the ditch.

All of them are in the same format: draft beers about 700 to 800 kyats per jar, and you choose your own foods that they will barbecue for you. They are places where you can meet friends, work friends or take your whole household instead of a regular restaurant.

The majority will also be offering more extensive China meals for 3,000 to 4,000 Kie. The Shwe Kaing III at 33nd and 83rd Streets is as much loved as Win Win Win Win 3 at the 77th Streets. Along 65 Streets lies a small group of tourist-oriented diners, among them the humbly called Unique and Amazing and an outfit of the touristy favourite Green Elephant series.

But our biggest problem is the 10,000 kyats prize (without 10% tax) for their renowned homemade curries of pigs and beef. Uniquely and astonishingly, the unusual colorful scenery and the'ye olde' Myanmar décor is missing, but it is compensated by more reasonable pricing.

What is particularly unique is that the desks on the patio of a small mansion are laid with napkins made of canvas. They both have a similar Chinese-Burmese kitchen, with Unique focusing on seafood cuisines. The price is also similar: vegetables and salads are about 3,500 kyats, meats and seafood specialities 4,000 to 6,000, up to 9,000 for fresh water shrimps.

Meals are not inexpensive and most meals are between 5,000 and 6,000 kyats, but at least here you can see richer natives and visitors. The Golden Duck, another Mandalay institute that is very much loved by well-heeled local people, is recommended for classical Chines cuisine. It' an AC with a view of the ditch on the edge of Sixteenth Street.

Principal dishes begin at 4,000 kyats. For those who miss a little westerly dining, the BBB bar and restaurant on the 76th Street is noteworthy. An old bistro-style store, very much loved by the well-to-do local people and the small Mandalay Expats, it has recently been given a stylish new outfit.

Sandwhiches and burger go for 3,000 to 5,000 kyats and noodle courts are 5,000 and more. The hometown of Nylon Ice Cream, it is housed in an unconstructed teahouse styled wooden and brickwork house. It is a good place to relax and linger in the hustle and bustle of the road.

In the town centre, the grill restaurant serves as a pub station, while the younger, well-heeled flock from Mandalay drives to Lake Kandawgyi on the southern side of the town, where bigger, more stylish pubs and restuarants line up on the lake, often with life acts. The Shan Ma Ma Ma with pedestrian walkway table and inexpensive beers is one of your best betting options if you just want to relax with a few cool ones or try out the pleasurable backdrop of paradise.

The popular Hunter's Bar and V Cafe were shut down when we came to visit in mid 2016, but the latter promised to reopen at a new location. Astrong Restaurant: 413A 55th St; T: (02) 23394, (099) 100 1921; open every day 09:00-21:00. Barbecue bar and restaurant: 292 76 th St, between 26 and 27; T: (02) 73525.

Dormitory: corner 81 & 28 m; open every day 07:00-22:00 h. Gold Duck: corner 16 & 80 m; T: (02) 36808; open every day from 10:00-14:00, 18:00-22:00. 22nd Street between 90 and 91 m; T: (094) 301 2909, (095) 136 546; open every day 09:00-23:00. Grüner Elefant: 27th street between 64 and 65; T: (02) 61237; open every day 10:00-14:00, 18:00-21:30.

Mudalay Donuts: 30-31 m from 78° St.; open every day 08:00-21:30 hrs. 34. street between 76 and 77 m.; T: (092) 5091 5886; open every day 09:00-21:00 o'clock. No: 82 and 27 m, opposite the Unity Hotel; open every day 16:00-00:30. Muslim night market: 82nd street, between 27 and 28 m.; open every day at 16:00-00:00.

Shan Ze: 34th Street, between 76 and 77 m. Nylon ice: 83rd Street, between 25 and 26 m.; T: (02) 65754; open every day 08:00-21:00 h. 81 st Street, between 26 and 27 m; open every day 10:00-21:00. 23 & 83 hrs; open every day 16:00-23:00 hrs. The Shan Ma Ma Restaurant: 81 st, between 29 and 30 m.; T: (02) 71858, (092) 054 765; open every day 10:00-22:00.

hwe Kaing III: 33nd and 82nd; open every day 17:00-22:00. Shwwe Pyi Moe: 66th street, between 26 and 27 m.; T: (099) 104 1010; open every day 05:00-18:00. Myanmar is unique: At the 27 and 65 mts; T: (02) 23562, (092) 5809 5620; open every day 10:00-23:00 hrs. Wín Wine 3: 77 hours, between 34 and 35 m; open every day 16:00-23:00.

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