Unique Myanmar Restaurant

A unique Myanmar Restaurant

Exceptional Myanmar Restaurant, Mandalay picture: Company Name: Unique Myanmar Restaurant. Unique and delicious taste! This food trail brings you some of the best in Myanmar, from good home cooking to interesting restaurants. Knifes and forks are rarely used at home, but are always made available to guests and are available in restaurants and hotels.

Mandalay Tea Room

Mandalay branches of this beloved Yangon establishment have a beautiful landscaped area and..... Contemporary restaurant specializing in yakiniku, a grilled dish with its own beef. The MAHA CHAI Restaurant is situated in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma). The best thailand dishes are served..... The Bagan King combines elegance with convenience in an envious setting close to the ditch and castle.

Located on the south-eastern edge of Mandalay Palace, Sedona is one of the best..... Located in a small side street near the Royal Palace. A part of a string of restaurant- Green Elephant offers tourists with a Thai, C..... Ned Kelly's biggest draw is the rooftop lounge with a fantastic outlook.....

Mandalay's best Thai cuisine. Cheap menue with a beautiful patio at the Ba..... This new, spacious hotel has several rooms overlooking the castle and ditch. Favourite meeting place for expats with good pizzas, exquisite meals and coctails. Exquisite lndian cuisine in a state-of-the-art, air-conditioned facility.

That little restaurant..... Myst is one of the first shisha shops and pubs in Myanmar.

A unique Myanmar Restaurant

Early in the mornings we departed from Bagan to Mandalay, where the airfield was new, trendy and slightly oversized. They' re trying to make Mandalay an important destination, but now they're only landing from Bangkok. This was a 50-minute drive into the city, and not only was the airfield fashionable, the streets here were newer, better constructed and there were even tolls.

Many and many water melons. Whilst no motorcycles are permitted in Yangon (as I said earlier, there is a rumour that a senior officer had a motorcycle crash and forbade it), there were many, many bicycles in Mandalay. Click on these thumbnails to learn more about Mandalay:

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