Unique Clothing Myanmar

One-of-a-kind clothes Myanmar

Only in Myanmar, Yangon. The address, telephone number, website, directions, opening hours and description can be found in our catalogue. You can find weather-adapted clothing under climate and weather. Every country has its own costume, which stands for its cultural and social status, with the exception of Myanmar. "When I want to style celebrities I use a lot of vintage clothes - I use vintage because every piece is unique.

Myanmar's apparel industry offers unique opportunities

As I was returning from a visit to a clothing factory in Myanmar, the media was focusing on the area. January 25 I arrived in Yangon, the capitol of Myanmar. I' d be spending next weekend to visit 6 clothing plants in the area that employ a combined of more than 2,000 people. Every factory was different in its own way, in its own dimensions and ownership.

Most inspiring character I encountered during my trip was a Myanmar and Buddhaist proprietor of a 200-strong plant. This woman had deliberately brought a childworker to her plant before the min. wages act came into force. By the time the Ordinance on Children's Work came into force, especially because it had to comply with the standard of major global clothing labels, she knew that she had to stop keeping the baby busy.

In Myanmar, laborers between the ages of 14 and 16 are identified as "child laborers" and are hindered from performing dangerous work or working more than a few or a few hour a workday. Visit to our plants abroad. Then I talked to a manager who explained to me how the minimal salary had affected his work.

The involvement of plant management is crucial to the discussion on employee labour conventions so that we can maintain these conventions in the long run by reconciling them with the company's effectiveness and qualities. Prior to the minimal wages, the plant was paying its employees in chords and premiums. At a fixed minimal salary, the plant loses a mechanic to encourage employees to improve it.

Myanmar still has many Myanmar laborers saying that the minimal wages are not enough to make a living. Let us strive to reward employees around the world in a way that means a good standard of living and work. Myanmar is at a turning point in its development. Between 2011 and 2015, the clothing industry's exports value increased from US$ 583 million to US$ 1,460 million, while the number of workplaces and plants more than doubling (MGMA).

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