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Map of Myanmar

Map of Myanmar] The map of the Union of Myanmar also includes the introduction of the Union of Myanmar. The site shows the location of the Republic of Myanmar on a detailed satellite map. A map of the Republic of Myanmar with the townships of Kawthaung and Bokepyin from the publication: The Union of Myanmar / Relief represented by point heights. Myanmar map vector-illustration, Map Republic of Myanmar, Burma, A stylized map of Myanmar with the different counties.

Myanmar Union Digital Agricultural Atlas

Myanmar is administered by 17 states and departments, which are subdivided into 63 counties for a population of 324 townships. As a rule, the stats are gathered on the base of the town. Every part of the town is under the direction of a commission directly overseen by the Township Peace and Development Council.

They are an integrated part of agriculture statistical systems and offer the necessary support in the recording, compiling and maintenance of recordings at the local authority levels. Myanmar Union's Union of Myanmar DigiAtlas is a set of GIS-based mapping, tabulated information and related documentation representing Myanmar's policy, natural and farming heritage.

It contains general shifts of global suppliers of information and agrarian shifts surveyed at national, county and local levels from 2001-2002. Table information and charts are combined to create a geographic information system for agronomists. The project was financed in consultation with the Government of the Union of Myanmar (GOUM) - Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MOAI), mainly through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with further assistance from the Asian Development Bank.

There were ten sub-sectors of the whole agriculture system, including: countryside welfare, municipal planning, agronomics, animal husbandry, fishing, aquatic resource and agriculture watering, agro-industry, agronomic research, consultancy and education, and agriculture finances. The" Agriculture Service Review" should help to reach two long-term goals: Reaching agreement with GOUM and other interest groups on the main agriculture questions, policy and strategy and types of interventions best placed to meet the needs of the country's hungry; mobilising the global effort to strengthen its commitment to improve the living conditions of the country's hungry in the Union of Myanmar.

It is used to assist the decision-making processes in the area of agricultural policy and nutritional safety to make available to the user regional information and descriptions from country-specific statistical sources. The Department of Agricultural Planning (DAP) and Myanmar Agricultural Services (MAS) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of the Union of Myanmar (MOAI) deserve particular recognition for their assistance in making the information and information contained on this CD-ROM available.

It was made possible by funds from the United Nations Development Programme.

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