Unidentified Object

Unknown object

An unidentified object problem in a shallow ocean. Built-in hive > Unknown object. READYED AND DISSEMINED BY THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Observation of an unidentified object tv. Objects not identified and guns not exploded. It is a modern Hindu religious object;

a shivling or lingam and yoni.

"There is currently a 6 per cent likelihood that KQ 2010 will occur in our environment over a 30-year horizon from 2036," Chodas said.

"In all likelihood, further observation of the object will improve its orbital path and its potential impacts. In the unlikely case of this object heading for Earth, be it an airborne or missile material, it is so small that it would dissolve in the air and cause no damage to the ground."

This is the year in which another object, the giant Apophis is also supposed to be flying relatively near to Earth. It was Apophis who achieved glory as a potentially hazardous poison due to early forecasts that gave him little prospect of impact. The truth is that he will miss Earth by about 18,300 nautical mile ('29,450 km') on April 13, 2036.

There' s only a 1 in 250,000 shot of Apophis hitting Earth, a shot NASA believes is slim. Apophis will be back just like KQ 2010. In 2068 it will make a second passage on earth, whereby the probability of an earth-endangering collision is also estimated at 1:333,000.

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